About Us: Energy Management, Data Storage and Meter Reading Solutions

Trimark Associates, Inc. delivers industry-leading solutions that enable informed energy management, real-time operational control, and complete regulatory compliance.

Trimark is your trusted advisor and reliable partner. From concept to commissioning, we take pride in providing practical advice, rock-solid systems, proven delivery in the field, and a service ethic that is second to none. We’ve earned the trust of independent power producers, large energy users and public utilities by deploying turnkey, end-to-end solutions that help them achieve their mission-critical milestones and meet business and operational imperatives.

Founded in 2000, Trimark has built our reputation around technical excellence, reliable service, and delivering high-quality solutions on time, on target and on budget. For all your mission critical needs – We’ll be there!



“Trimark has earned our reputation by implementing high-quality, turnkey solutions that yield significant operational benefits.”    – Dean Schoeder, COO Trimark Associates, Inc.

Over our 15 year history, Trimark has steadily grown to be responsible for the metering and monitoring more than 30,000 MW of power generation across the U.S. In addition, Trimark’s management team has nearly 200 collective years of experience in power plant telemetry and control systems.

Our fully integrated, turnkey solutions include:

ISO Interconnection: Trimark helps you meet mandates for metering, data telemetry and power system control.

Qualifying Facility Transition: Continue selling power in the open energy market by meeting CAISO’s metering and data telemetry requirements.

PV Power Management: Take full control of your operations and financial objectives.

Advanced Metering Infrastructure: Make informed, effective energy management decisions with Trimark’s end-to-end solution.

Asset Management: Improve O&M and Asset Management with direct access to source data.

Energy Storage: Unify management and monitoring of energy storage and generation.

Advanced Metering/Dynamic Loss Compensation: Enable accurate, equitable settlements for complex metering architecture.

Maintenance and Service: Keep your investments at peak performance.

Meter Data Management: Capture, validate and deliver Settlement Quality Meter Data (SQMD) to better understand your energy use and participate in incentive programs.

Trimark is certified in the following areas:

  • California Licensed Electrical contractor #816159;
  • California Certified Small Business;
  • CAISO certified:
    • “Third-party” RIG installation company;
    • Registered Data Processing Gateway/Remote Intelligent Gateway Systems Provider;
    • Meter Service Provision (MSP);
    • Meter Data Management Agent (MDMA); and
    • Meter Inspection Company.
  • CA Public Utility Commission certified Meter Service Provider ( inspection and commissioning);
  • WREGIS Qualified Reporting Entity (QRE);
  • California Solar Initiative (CSI) Performance Data Provider (PDP);
  • PJM Third Party Reporter;
  • Self-Generation Incentive Program (SGIP) PDP; and
  • California Solar Initiative (CSI) approved Performance Monitoring and Reporting Service/Performance Data Provider (PMRS/PDP) in all 3 IOU territories.