Meter Engineer — Folsom, CA

June 23rd, 2017

Trimark’s systems and services support regulatory compliance for independent electric power generators ranging from a 1 MW solar sites to a 2.3 GW nuclear power plant. Simply put, we provide systems and services that power producers need to get paid for generating electricity and the information CAISO needs to manage the state electric grid.

Trimark Associates is the leading provider of reliable, affordable revenue-grade metering, SCADA, monitoring and reporting solutions for the electric power industry. Our team designs systems from concept to commissioning including system and network architecture, software development, component assembly, technology configuration, installation, testing, certification, ongoing support and maintenance.


Trimark is currently looking for an experienced Meter Engineer. The Meter Engineer will be responsible to program, test, install, and repair a wide variety of meters, communications devices, and associated circuitry. Technically skilled in the area of power production, meter programming, and ensuring meter data validity. Work involves frequent contact with clients.


  • Installs, changes, repairs, replaces defective parts and/or removes meters and metering equipment for all electric metering (revenue meters, substation meters, power plant and FMPA metering equipment.)
  • Specifies tests, maintains and verifies accurate installation of all substation, power plant and FMPA metering equipment.
  • Calibrates single-phase and poly-phase self-contained and transformer rated, single phase and poly-phase transformer rated meters, including 480 volt meters.
  • Wires meter sockets test switches, transformer rated metering (KWH and KVA meters) in the field for electric meters. Tests current transformers and potential transformers.
  • Programs solid state meters of various manufacturers. Programs electronic power analyzers, generates reports and analyzes technical data to interpret results for customer power quality problems.
  • Reads and records meter readings accurately.
  • Records test data, completes service orders, and maintains Meter Shop Database.
  • Performs technical computations to mathematically determine watts, variation, power factor quantities and develops phasor diagrams.

Knowledge and Skills

  • Knowledge of basic electricity as applied to light, power, and meter applications.
  • Thorough knowledge of the hazards of this type of work and the necessary safety precautions.
  • Ability to use and take accurate measurements with ammeters, volt meters, ohmmeters, and related metering equipment.
  • Ability to test and repair single, poly-phase, sub-stations, power plant, and FMPA meters.
  • Knowledge of personal computers for programming solid state meters, electronic power analyzers, maintaining records and accessing utility billing information.
  • Ability to follow oral and written instruction and maintain accurate records.
  • Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with the clients and other employees.
  • Heavy lifting and carrying; pulling; pushing; walking; standing; bending; stooping; kneeling; and driving. Reasonable accommodations will be made for qualified individuals with a disability.
  • Works inside and outside with: all types of weather; electricity; hazardous surfaces; ladders; heights; ditches; poor lighting; hostile and high crime areas
  • Knowledge of Windows Operating Systems and spreadsheet and word processing software applications programs such as Windows 2000, Windows NT and MS Office products; knowledge of database administration concepts.
  • Excellent verbal and written skills required. Must be details oriented.


  • AA Degree in Electronics or Electrical Engineering a plus
  • Two (2) years’ experience on test board, with four (4) years field experience working on transformer rated, sub-station, and power plant meters.
  • A comparable amount of training and experience may be substituted.

License: Appointees will be required to possess a valid CA driver’s license. Some travel is required.

Job Location: Folsom, CA

Benefits: We offer Medical, Dental and Vision Insurance Coverage, Paid Vacation, Sick Leave, 401(k) Plan & Matching, and Professional Development Training.

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