Power Engineer – Folsom, CA (Req#SC01)

April 3rd, 2018

About Trimark

Trimark’s solutions support all types of utility-scale electric power generators ranging from a 1 Megawatt solar project to large nuclear facilities.  Our Engineers, Programmers, and Technicians provide systems and services required by power producers to efficiently operate and to get paid for generating electricity.  Trimark is a major player in the “greening of the grid” and supporting the national goal of greenhouse gas reduction.  Trimark’s solutions and services are utilized in more than 80% of the generation in California and the company is poised to deliver these same solutions to the rest of America.

Trimark is the leading provider of reliable, utility scale SCADA monitoring and metering solutions for the renewable electric power industry.  Our team delivers systems from concept to commissioning including system and network architecture, software development, component assembly, technology configuration, installation, cybersecurity, certification, ongoing operational management and maintenance.


This position will be the primary business driver on the continued advancement into electrical systems and microgrid control.   The incumbent will focus on the evolving changes in technologies and practices in the industry, such as distributed generation, advanced distribution automation and SCADA, demand management, load control, advanced inverter controls, energy storage controls, etc.  The ideal candidate should have strong communication skills and experience in the utilities industry is desirable. The incumbent will be required to interact with technical vendors and build relationships with equipment manufacturers.


  • General substation knowledge
    • Power System Operation
    • Protection relay schemes and settings
      • Depict relevant data/alarms in our SCADA systems
      • Substation Metering schemes: Line/Transformer Losses, Compensation
    • Integrated Capacitor banks and their operation
      • Define sequence or algorithm to control Closed loop events
    • Plant/Grid Interaction and stability
      • Closed loop Real Power Compensation/Curtailment Algorithms
      • Closed loop Reactive Power/PF Compensation/Curtailment Algorithms
        • Knowledge of Grid stability and experience with their requirements: SCE, PGE
      • Hands-on expertise conducting hardware-in-the-loop and/or field testing and measurement of power electronic systems
      • Integrating and developing hardware, software, and controls for grid-connected renewable power systems and/or microgrids
      • Knowledge of various control schemes (frequency, voltage, VARS, Ride-through, etc.), protection schemes, and  regulatory requirements pertaining to grid operations
      • Grid simulation studies and test software to ensure the company microgrid controls solutions can satisfy grid requirements
      • Operational experience of dealing with EMS systems
      • Experience in DC-DC or DC-AC converter and controller design, analysis, or testing


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering or Power Systems Engineering required
  • 3-5 years progressive responsibility in an engineering firm, electric utility, power generation equipment manufacturer, or similar environment.
  • Professional Engineering (PE) preferred
  • SCADA experience is highly desired
  • Multi-disciplinary engineering background and interest, including controls, software, hardware, and mechanical systems
  • Passion for solving challenges associated with renewable grid integration and smart grid deployment
  • Familiarity with utility industry communications protocols (e.g., ModBus, SCADA systems)
  • Knowledge of applicable renewable and electrical codes and standards (e.g., NEC, UL, NERC, FERC, EEE, IEC)
  • Effectively collaborates in a team environment
  • Valid driver’s license, some travel required


Submit your resume to Careers@TrimarkAssoc.com.  Visit our web site at www.TrimarkAssoc.com