Metering Solutions: Revenue Metering, Meter Reading & Meter Data Management Services

As the “cash registers” of the electric industry, power meters accurately track energy production and consumption as well as other key details about the power. Given their criticality, it’s essential that you have a reliable partner for all your revenue metering needs.

So who do you trust with millions of dollars of revenue on the line?

Trimark’s team of project managers, field engineers, and certified meter inspectors understands the value of metering and its essential role in electric power supply. From a simple 500 MW biogas site to a 2.3 GW nuclear power plant – we’ll be there.



“Revenue metering is mission-critical to the electric business. Trimark’s practical advice, field-proven team, and commitment to service ensures that your metering is fully-commissioned.”    – Mark Morosky, President and CEO, Trimark Associates, Inc.

Systems, Software and Services

Trimark Metering Services include:

  • CAISO Revenue Metering: Trimark’s turnkey metering solutions include equipment and guidance through CAISO’s approval, testing and certification process.
  • Advanced Metering and Dynamic Loss Compensation: Trimark in the industry leader in addressing complex line-loss situations that enable accurate, and equitable settlements.
  • Commercial-Industrial Metering: Our end-to-end solutions include all the metering equipment, data presentation, and reporting to support rebate programs and energy conservation.
  • Grid Tie Metering: Trimark is a trusted, independent expert that is recognized for our expertise, objectivity and dedication to customer service.


Accurate metering supports payments, settlements and energy purchase decisions. It literally pays to get it right.


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