Advanced Metering & Dynamic Loss Compensation | Accurately Measure Electric Power Generation

With thousands, even millions, of dollars at stake, it’s essential that electric power generation resources accurately calculate and account for line losses.

Power losses vary based on changing generation levels. When multiple resources share a gen-tie line, losses change constantly. The common practice of applying a fixed loss value to calculate settlements makes it difficult to accurately calculate equitable settlement values.Advanced Metering Loss Compensation

Trimark is the industry leader in the design, configuration and commissioning of advanced metering solutions to address complex line-loss situations. Trimark develops and commissions sophisticated systems to calculate and report real-time metered values, thereby enabling accurate and equitable accounting for financial settlements. We also work to ensure trust among stakeholders including the resource owner, transmission owner, power off taker, and balancing authority (ISO). The result: more money in the bank.

Trimark’s team applies practical experience deploying advanced metering solutions to meet complex metering challenges. We leverage rock-solid revenue-grade meters, sophisticated peer-to-peer communications, secure data telemetry, automated logic, and experienced project management. For fully-commissioned, fully-certified line loss solutions, we’ll be there.

From 1MW Solar to 2.3GW Nuclear and from simple gen ties to complex line-loss architecture – We’ll be there!