Commercial-Industrial Metering | Meter Configuration, Installation 7 Testing

Accurate, reliable meter data has numerous commercial and industrial applications. Energy metering data can be used to:

  • Support rebate program reporting and claims;
  • Guide conservation efforts;
  • Determine electricity time-of-use profiles and billing determinants;
  • Identify energy use for part of a campus, a building, or a piece of equipment;
  • Study energy consumption patterns for planning, investment and conservation.

Trimark provides end-to-end metering solutions to support your specific metering objectives. Trimark’s solution includes revenue-grade meters, expert meter configuration and installation, testing and certification, and ongoing maintenance service.

Trimark can also provide automated meter reading and present data reports via web browser or other channels for analysis and remediation. Trimark’s team of meter data management (MDM) analysts support data Validation, Estimation and Editing (VEE) and are authorized to provide submittals to CSI, WREGIS, SGIP, and CAISO.

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