Turnkey Grid Level Metering Solutions | Grid-Tie & City Gate Metering

At the intersection between regional electrical grids, billions of dollars in electric power changes hands annually. As with any electric power transaction, revenue meters track precisely what is occurring. In fact, these meters take 265 measurements every 1/60 th of a second – 24/7/365. Now that’s precise!

Regional operators transfer power between one another when demand exceeds supply, or to fulfill contractual obligations – thereby supporting grid reliability and diversification. Transfer decisions can also be driven by requirements to source power from renewable resources. Similar to regional grids, cities that own their own generation may have their own grid and need to exchange power.

To verify transfers, revenue meters must be independently configured, tested and certified. Ultimately, these meters record exactly how much power is being exchanged, when it occurs, and other power measurement attributes. These data points ensure equitable settlements and support grid management.

Because of Trimark’s impartial position, we are uniquely qualified to recognize all interests in a grid-tie agreement, build consensus among stakeholders, and develop an impartial metering solution. Trimark is a trusted, independent expert and service provider that is recognized for our expertise and objectivity by CAISO, MISO, PJM, ERCOT, WECC, Southwest Power Pool and others.

Trimark provides all consulting and technology required to deliver mutually agreeable grid-tie and city gate metering solutions. Trimark designs metering and communication architecture, selects technology, then configures, installs, tests and certifies the solution.

From 1MW Solar to 2.3GW Nuclear and from simple gen ties to complex line-loss architecture – We’ll be there!