Revenue Metering Solutions for Public Utilities, Municipalities, Wholesale Consumers & More

Revenue-grade meters ensure accurate documentation of power transactions between generators, wholesale consumers, commercial/industrial loads, public utilities and municipalities. Trimark provides certified, turnkey metering solutions that include metering equipment and guidance to successfully navigate every step of the approval, testing and certification process.

Trimark brings direct experience with projects from small biomass and solar resources to large nuclear power plants – and every size and type of generation in between. Not only do resource owners trust Trimark to deliver accurate power settlement data, our customers know we will be there as their partner – before, during and after installation.

Trimark’s metering team includes field-proven experts, metering scheme architects, project managers, and UL listed panel fabrication. Trimark is a California Independent System Operator (CAISO) meter and RIG provider and has a large team of meter technicians and CAISO-certified meter inspectors. We’ll be there to help you meet your commercial operations date and maintain compliance in the future.

New Resource Implementation

Trimark removes worry and guesswork from the meter-approval process.

Trimark’s revenue metering solutions include consulting, equipment and field support to ensure success. We help you design your metering architecture and communication network, select meter equipment, configure meters, fabricate panels, install them in the field, conduct point-to-point testing, and conduct independent certification.

After installation, we continue our support with automatic meter reading, meter data services, and maintenance services.

CAISO Revenue Meter Approval

In California, installation of a revenue meter for new generation must follow CAISO’s New Resource Implementation (NRI) process – more than 40 steps of approval and certification that span more than 200 days.

Through every step of the meter approval process, from the initial application to final certification, Trimark will be there to support you.

QF Conversion Support

When a Qualifying Facility (QF) enters a new contract to sell power in California, they must adhere to the CAISO Tariff and Business Practices Manual. This includes installing CAISO-approved revenue meters and data telemetry (RIG) devices (if >10MW). QF resources must follow a slightly-modified version of CAISO’s NRI process which includes requirements for revenue meters and RIGs. Trimark has successfully guided numerous QF facilities to compliance and continued revenue generation.

Trimark ION 8650 3in RGB

From 1MW Solar to 2.3GW Nuclear and from simple gen ties to complex line-loss architecture – We’ll be there!