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Control Your Solar Operations with Absolute Accuracy

Managing utility-scale solar power resources requires precise monitoring and a SCADA system designed to address the unique challenges of maximizing Photovoltaic (PV) power generation.

Trimark’s unified solar SCADA solution delivers pinpoint control, real time monitoring, and reporting tools to analyze and perfect PV performance. Trimark’s turnkey solution includes software, hardware, engineering, panel fabrication, installation, and testing.

It’s everything you need to meet PPA requirements, maximize profits, and ensure long-term asset reliability.



“Trimark’s solar SCADA system puts you in command – of your site, your data, and your PV power. You’ll have the confidence of knowing how your site is performing anytime, anywhere.”    -Robert Wood, CTO Trimark Associates, Inc.


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  • T1-S Vantage: This browser and mobile interface is designed to help site managers and operations teams improve performance of solar/PV resources. Its management tools include monitoring, reporting, alerts and alarms; and a real-time information about the portfolio and site performance.
  • T1-S Historian: Trimark’s data warehouse captures operational and instrument data to support analytics.
  • TENetwork: Provides network connectivity between the SCADA HMI and the generation site.
  • T1-S Gateway SCADA: This powerful solar SCADA system handles data collection, logic and automation for precise PV (solar) plant control and management and optimal performance.
  • T1-S Data Gateway: This field device provides communications and IO.
  • Site Network Drops: This is the link between devices and the fiber network.
  • Weather Stations: Capture highly accurate meteorological data with durable instruments.

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Learn how instruments, systems, and operational control work together to help solar power resources meet compliance requirements, operate effectively, and fine tune performance.
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