Data Historian

Trimark’s T1-S Historian centralizes archival and retrieval of operational and event data gathered by instruments, security systems, generation/production equipment, meters, and other devices. Built on Microsoft SQL Server technology, T1-S Historian delivers breakthrough data accessibility and scalability.

Trimark tunes each T1-S Historian to your specific needs. We start by understanding your requirements for security, performance, capacity, and resiliency. Whether your site generates thousands of points or millions, T1-S Historian can handle the load. Basing the system on Microsoft SQL Server technology ensures high performance, high availability, and easy integration into existing disaster recovery systems to improve ROI and life-cycle management.

Since T1-S Historian is organized and accessed using industry-standard structured queries, data can be securely accessed using any standard HMI or business intelligence system, including Trimark’s T1-S Vantage.

Optimized for high speed Online Transaction Processing (OLTP), Trimark’s T1-S Historian ensures the system keeps up with even the most complex and demanding implementations at a manageable cost.

T1-S Vantage provides a user interface to this wealth of information. The interface and historian can be delivered on servers at your facility or in a secure, hosted environment in Trimark’s data centers.

The historian interface enables user to:

  • Query, report and trend current/historical data and alarms over any time period;
  • Export reports to Excel®;
  • Export to CSV files; and
  • View, sort and acknowledge alarms based on severity, user and time.

The T1-S Historian can be configured to export data to corporate level databases such as OSI PI systems or Trimark’s hosted historian.

Fully integrated SCADA solutions provide the insight you need for intelligent command and automated control.