Meteorological Stations for Performance Management

scada-metstationsCalculating PV site efficiency requires knowing a site’s potential generation at any point in time. Key parts of that equation come from meteorological data such as irradiance and temperature. So it’s critical to have a MET solution you can trust to be accurate, trouble free, easy to install, and work seamlessly with your monitoring and control system.

From reliable instruments to professional services, Trimark delivers end-to-end MET solutions. We start with an all-in-one sensor that measures temperature, wind, relative humidity, air pressure, and solar irradiance. Then we provide all of the professional services required to install, test, and commission a working system. We pride ourselves in delivering complete, fully functional solutions so you can get on with the business of managing your site.

The Story on Weather

Meteorological data is used to predict potential electrical generation from solar and wind resources. Utilities, ISOs and resource owners use this data to:

  • Forecast potential generation from a future solar or wind-generation site;
  • Confirm intermittent resources are delivering their contracted capacity; and
  • Assess actual site performance against potential to identify efficiency.
  • Trimark’s Complete MET Solution

Trimark provides comprehensive MET solutions including instruments and professional services. We apply our extensive experience to deliver utility-scale MET stations that meet ISO and utility requirements. Our experts work with you to design, procure, assemble, install and commission fully-compliant solutions.

Our standard MET system connects directly to an existing RIG or data logger. We also develop systems with back-up power systems, wireless connectivity, and to meet a variety of mounting challenges.

Trimark assembles MET stations in our U.L. 508-A listed panel shop. This facility meets or exceeds U.L. Safety Standards.

Campbell Scientific manufactures dataloggers, data acquisition systems, and measurement and control products used worldwide in research and industry. Their instrumentation is known for its flexibility, precision measurements, and dependability – even in harsh, remote environments.

Meterological Station

Meteorological data is used to predict potential electrical generation from solar and wind resources.


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