Rooftop PV

Measure and Display Real-time Status of Commercial PV Generation

Trimark’s T1-S Axiom delivers the information you need to optimize performance of commercial and rooftop PV generation. It packs big value in a small box!

T1-S Axiom is an economical solution to the challenges of monitoring and managing a single site or many resources in a portfolio. Trimark engineered the system from components that pack extraordinary power into a small space — at a low cost.

T1-S Axiom displays information on an App and a browser. You’ll have easy, secure access to metered power production data and irradiance values — information you need to analyze performance and optimize generation.


  • Dashboard Display — View key performance data in a browser or mobile App.
  • Metered Generation — Capture precise power values with a revenue-grade meter.
  • Meteorological Measures — Select just the instruments you need to measure irradiance, temperature, wind and other factors that affect generation.
  • Network connection (Ethernet).
  • Easy installation by your licensed electrician.


  • Add control to connect/disconnect or curtail power.
  • Regulate voltage to deliver stable power.
  • Wireless Cellular (Trimark’s TENode).


Dashboard Small

The T1-S Axiom interface displays key information you need to manage operations. You can see generation and performance values in a browser or App.

IMG_6031 Small

The T1-S Axiom cabinet holds the meter, data logger, and communications. The cabinet itself provides lockable security and protection from the elements.


T1-S Axiom

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All the information you need to optimize performance of small PV generation.