Solar SCADA - Precise monitoring; Pinpoint control

T1-S Gateway SCADA provides automation and real-time control to optimize solar power generation. T1-S Gateway delivers utility-scale, power monitoring and control over all plant devices including PV inverters, trackers and cap banks. This unified, Solar SCADA solution enables end-to-end management from the operations center to field devices.

T1-S Gateway provides real-time, utility-scale data collection, control, automated logic, and secure data telemetry capabilities. Key features include:

  • Collect and present real-time and historical operational data from inverters, trackers, Cap banks, meters, device interfaces and meteorological stations;
  • Store and forward data for analysis;
  • Pinpoint control of inverters, capacitor banks, and trackers;
  • Manual real-time or scheduled commands and/or closed-loop logical automation;
  • Secure, bi-directional data telemetry to authenticate users and commands; and
  • Alarms and alert logic based on events and thresholds.

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Secure, Real-Time Communications

T1-S Gateway establishes a direct, secure line of communication with field instruments and other intelligent devices. T1-S Gateway leverages its innate capabilities to:

  • Enable real-time, bidirectional data telemetry between command center, revenue meters, plant interfaces, meteorological systems, and PV inverters;
  • Allow an authorized balancing authority or host utility to adjust Automated Generation Control (AGC) set points;
  • Support secure communication protocols including:
    • 2048-bit encryption
    • DNP3 master/slave over TCP and Serial;
    • DNP3 Secure Network;
    • MODBUS master/slave over TCP and Serial;
    • OPC client; and
    • PCM518.

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T1-S Gateway’s Advanced Inverter Control functionality enables precise control over photovoltaic (PV) inverters. The system can execute manual or automated commands, process requests from an external authority, and make real-time adjustments to deliver precise power values at the interconnection point.

  • Control over connect / disconnect, curtailment, power factor and VARs;
  • Ramp-rate control, duration and restoration rate;
  • Integration with ADS and AGC commands from authorized, third parties; and
  • Testing and diagnostics.

T1-S SCADA Accepts ADS Requests
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T1-S SCADA accepts third-party control requests, such as CAISO’s ADS. This allows T1-S to integrate securely with EMS systems and automatically execute their commands.



Closed-loop Logic

T1-S Gateway SCADA includes logic to automate the complex computations required to maximize solar site performance. The resulting commands can be directed to control PV inverters, capacitor banks, and trackers. Or the result can be used to trigger an alarm. Algorithms reference real time data and calculations such as aggregated inverter production or line loss. The logic can automate power smoothing (frequency droop modulation) to deliver power and quality within +/- 1% of the target at the point of delivery.

T1-S Gateway SCADA

T1-S Gateway SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition) is designed to optimize solar power generation.


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Fully integrated solar SCADA solutions provide the insight you need for intelligent command and automated control of utility-scale PV resources.