T1-S Vantage

T1-S Vantage is the management interface to your T1-S SCADA system. It delivers insight into real-time and historical Solar resource performance. T1-S Vantage lets you operate and maintain your utility-scale photovoltaic (PV) facility efficiently and effectively.

T1-S Vantage provides details you need to maximize uptime, deliver on your ROI and revenue commitments, and fine tune performance. T1-S Vantage lets you see across your entire portfolio, or reach down to an individual solar inverter at any site. And you can do it from a web browser at your desk or a mobile device while on the go.

If a key performance indicator should fall out of range, the system lets you know via email, text or report – it’s your choice. You can even configure alarm thresholds that will alert you to specific events and long-term trends.

T1-S Vantage simplifies access to all the data in your site historian. Its reporting and analytical tools let you review, report, and trend historical information gathered from field instruments, meters, inverters, Cap banks and trackers. The system will even forecast power generation and income.

T1-S Vantage is not only the most powerful Solar SCADA solution in the game, asset management capabilities are baked into its DNA. The system tracks performance and provides reliable information to guide maintenance decisions, conduct performance analysis, and make capital investment decisions.

T1-S Vantage provides data you can trust and the control tools you need to get the very best from your investments in utility-scale solar resources.

Features and Facts

Dashboard and Portfolio Views

  • View key solar performance metrics and real-time details about power generation, revenue stream, asset performance, line loss, real-time and historical generation, forecast generation, equipment status, and maintenance events;
  • Monitor PV inverters, revenue meters, power equipment, trackers, and meteorological stations on a summary dashboard;
  • Compare summary-level performance for multiple resources (sites) in a portfolio;
  • Organize sites logically based on geography, size, transmission line, etc.;
  • View power flow, equipment status, and alarms on the interactive site diagram; and
  • Monitor, manage and control your site via web browser or mobile app.

Operational Control

  • Submit PV inverter commands to connect/disconnect, set max power (curtail), and set VARs;
  • Set ramp rate and duration of command as well as the ramp for restoration to normal;
  • Schedule commands for the entire Solar plant;
  • See real-time feedback to confirm commands;
  • Track command, time and instigator in an event log;
  • Allow local or remote authority to make set point changes;
  • Control energy storage to manage charge/discharge, peak load shifting, etc.; and
  • Automatically regulate power to ensure stable output at point of delivery.

Closed-loop Logic

  • Automate complex computations and commands based on real-time data (e.g. aggregated inverter production or line loss); and
  • Automate power smoothing (frequency droop modulation) to deliver power and quality within +/- 1% of the target at the point of delivery.

Reports and Alarms

  • Query, report and trend current/historical data and alarms over any time period;
  • Export reports to Excel® and
  • View, sort and acknowledge alarms based on severity, user and time.

Asset Management

  • Assess resource efficiency over short or long-term trends;
  • Document device condition with text, photographs, and performance reports;
  • Schedule maintenance activities; and
  • Document maintenance actions.

T1-S Vantage

T1-S Vantage is the premier monitoring and control solution for photovoltaic (PV) power management.


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