A commitment to service through excellence

At Trimark, when we say “We’ll Be There” we mean it. To us, it’s more than a slogan, it’s our business. We show up when we say we will; provide practical advice; deliver functional systems; and do it all at a fair price. It’s a simple model that helps you ensure ongoing success.





“Trimark is committed to excellent service to ensure our customers’ ongoing success.”     -Dean Schoeder, COO Trimark Associates, Inc.

Systems, Software and Services

Trimark’s services are key ingredients in our end-to-end solutions. These services include:

  • Meter Data Management: Trimark provides professional data services including MDM, automated meter reading, and Validation Editing and Estimation. Our MDM services produce Settlement Quality Meter Data and the professional support you need to participate in many incentive programs.
  • Maintenance Services: Trimark provides extended support and maintenance programs for troubleshooting, planned maintenance, and re-certification for meters and RIGS.
  • UL Listed panel shops: Trimark turns plans into reality by assembling cabinets and panels to the highest standard of excellence.
  • Customer Care: Contact us to open a service ticket.