Data Services

Accurate data is the foundation of the utility industry. Power meters gather data that is critical to accurate settlements, billing, and incentive programs. At the same time, SCADA systems capture operational history from field instruments for performance analysis, scheduling, planning, and asset management. Together, meters and SCADA systems gather vital intelligence required to guide informed decision making.

As with many complex systems, malfunctions can compromise data. Communications can be lost. Instruments may fail or require re-calibration. Power to instruments might be interrupted. In these and many other scenarios, data can be lost or compromised.

That’s where Trimark comes in.

Trimark is a certified Meter Data Management Agent (MDMA) that resource owners, authorities and ISOs trust to capture and deliver Settlement Quality Meter Data (SQMD). As an MDMA, Trimark validates meter data supporting more than $1 Billion in electricity transactions each year.

Trimark applies these same disciplines to ensure the integrity of the data captured by your PV (Solar) plant control system. Trimark’s team can validate data and, when necessary, estimate data to fill gaps, following industry-standard protocols.

Trimark’s Data Services include:

  • SCADA Data Management: Data analysis, reporting, and Validation, Estimation and Editing (VEE) to ensure data continuity. Trimark also provides data extractions in multiple file formats to accommodate special requirements.
  • Advanced meter reading (AMR): Trimark uses the industry standard MV-90 system to read remote interval meters.
  • Settlement Quality Meter Data (SQMD): Trimark prepares and presents SQMD to CAISO and other entities that require data from a certified MDMA.
  • Validation, Estimation and Editing (VEE): Trimark’s analysts apply proven Validation, Estimation and Editing (VEE) protocols to ensure data integrity and completeness.
  • Self-Generation Incentive Program (SGIP) Reporting: As a Preferred Data Provider (PDP), Trimark supports report preparation and presentation required for energy rebate claims in the following categories: Electric, Combined Heat and Power and Advanced Energy Storage.
  • Western Renewable Energy Generation Information System (WREGIS) Services: As a Qualified Reporting Entity (QRE), Trimark supports report preparation and presentation required for generation rebate claims in the following categories: Solar, Wind, Power Plants, etc.

Data Presentation and Processing

Meter data management and quality starts with revenue-grade interval meters and secure communication networks. We utilize the industry standard MV-90 system to capture meter data for further analysis, reporting and presentation.

The cornerstone of SCADA data management and quality is a secure communication network connecting a multitude of relevant real-time data collection points including revenue-grade interval meters, inverters and meteorological stations.

Trimark presents data in an intuitive, web browser-based system for review and download as necessary. Meter data can be delivered in standard data formats (MDEF or CSV) for billing or reporting to third-parties such as CSI, the local Utility, CAISO or WREGIS.


Trimark retains meter data-related certifications from the following entities:

  • (MDMA) California ISO
  • (LCR) Southern California Edison
  • (DOER SREC II) Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources
  • (PDP) Pennsylvania-New Jersey-Maryland Interconnection LLC
  • (SGIP) California Public Utilities Commission
  • (WREGIS) Western Electricity Coordinating Council

Meter Data Management

Trimark is a certified Meter Data Management Agent (MDMA) that power producers, authorities and ISOs trust to capture and deliver settlement quality meter data (SQMD).


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Trimark’s services are the catalyst for our end-to-end solutions.