Maintenance & Service Agreements

Keep your revenue meters and RIGs in top shape with Trimark’s Maintenance and Service Agreement. Trimark’s Maintenance and Service Agreement helps you maintain compliance; extend equipment life; and ensure accurate data for settlements and billing.

Trimark’s Maintenance and Service Agreement ensures ongoing reliability and accurate settlement data from meters and RIGs that Trimark configures and installs.

RIG and Meter Failure Support

  • Remote support (network and dial-in) to troubleshoot RIG and/or meter failures within four business hours;
  • Maintain database configuration and documentation; configuration details; and update software and/or application drivers;
  • One emergency site visit per year (as necessary) to investigate and mitigate reported failures including repairing or replacing a failed RIG or meter*;
  • Support claims on manufacturer’s warranty.

Meter Maintenance

  • Maintain configuration and documentation of Metering programs;
  • Provide one, biennial (every two years) maintenance visit, without charge, to:
  • Replace the meter battery;
  • Inspect for corrosion, deterioration or other circumstances that may cause failure; and
  • Audit overall meter system health.

RIG Maintenance

  • Provide annual renewal of RIG encryption certificate;
  • Provide RIG operating system security-patches, as available;
  • Upgrade RIG firmware as necessary;
  • Provide up to one annual maintenance visit (if required) without charge; and
  • Maintain configuration and documentation on RIG and database.

* Cost of RIG and/or Meter equipment may be covered by manufacturers’ warranty.

Ongoing Services

Trimark provides ongoing service contracts to ensure that your system operates as you expect and as required to participate in open energy markets.

Meter Certification and Maintenance

As a certified Meter Service provider, Trimark maintains meters and ensures their ongoing operation. With a Meter Service Agreement, Trimark will troubleshoot meters should the connection or meter fail.

CAISO meters must be re-certified with CAISO periodically. We can help you through the steps required to attain recertification including completing required paperwork and sealing the meter.

Trimark has long-term certifications from entities throughout the electric utility industry including:

  • CAISO-certified metermen and inspectors;
  • CA licensed C-10 Electrical Contractor;
  • Meter Service Provider (MSP) certified by the California Public Utilities Commission.
  • Annual RIG Security Certification

Trimark will guide you through the steps required for initial RIG certification and the annual process to maintain the secure connection as required for CAISO compliance. A RIG security certificate is a software key that allows RIGs to communicate with CAISO’s EMS system securely over the ECN (Energy Communication Network). If the certificate expires, the RIG will stop communicating with CAISO and it will be out of compliance with their agreement.

If you establish an annual Service Agreement with Trimark, we will initiate recertification before the annual expiration. We will automatically request a new certificate from CAISO and apply it the RIG to maintain your certification and secure connection. At the same time, our team provides other system maintenance and clean up and verifies connectivity.

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