Advanced Metering Infrastructure

Capture facts for informed energy management!

Accurate meter data is the foundation you need to make informed and effective decisions regarding electric energy management and conservation.

Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) systems collect data from metered loads – across a commercial-industrial complex, a large agricultural enterprise, a military base, or a geographic region. A full AMI solution not only collects data, it stores and presents accurate and timely information you need to analyze energy use, reduce and conserve consumption, and measure the long-term effects of your energy decisions.

AMI systems require reliability and integrity at every turn – a secure chain of custody, accuracy in configuration, and certification in Meter Data Management (MDM). Trimark is a partner you can trust to deliver superior real-time solutions. We’ve earned our clients’ trust through leading-edge system design and on-time delivery, completing our AMI construction contracts, and the performance of our operating AMI systems. More importantly, our AMI solutions deliver the data our customers require to conduct their business in the most informed manner possible.

Advanced Metering Infrastructure

Advanced Metering Infrastructure


“I trust Trimark to deliver the accurate load meter data I need to manage $15 to $25 Million of power purchases each year.”    – Kent Palmerton, General Manager, PWRPA

Trimark’s Advantage

Trimark delivers comprehensive AMI solutions including the communications backbone, power metering, remote meter reading, meter data management, data storage, browser-based meter data portals, and certified meter data management. Regardless of your requirements, we have the system design and deployment expertise to get you the data you need, when you need it, for the decisions that drive your business.

We’ve earned our legacy through a wide range of successful system executions – from simple architectures with one or two meters to complex, multi-geographic systems with thousands of meter points. Because we understand the entire solution, we can help you understand your options, plan a comprehensive program, and manage the project from creation to commissioning. We also bring the team needed to configure devices, assemble meter and communication panels, install systems in the field, and test it all to ensure a fully-functional solution is the end result. From start to finish, we’ll be there!

Systems, Software and Services:

Trimark’s end-to-end AMI solutions are based on proven systems that we’ve designed, deployed and maintain. Quite simply, we know how to deliver AMI systems that work – regardless of complexity. Trimark’s services include:

  • Commercial-Industrial Metering: Gather data required to validate billing, support rebate programs, profile energy use, and guide conservation. Metering can be established at any level of granularity – a portfolio, a campus, military base, or individual equipment.
  • Agricultural Metering: Track energy consumption and time of use to validate utility billing. Meter data can also be correlated with other measures (e.g. soil moisture) to support operational efficiency.
  • Communications Networks: Trimark delivers the comprehensive communication backbone required to move data from point A to point B. Networks may use IP addressable devices and rely on fiber, radio, and cellular paths, or any combination thereof.
  • Remote Meter Reading/Data Acquisition System (DAS): Trimark uses Itron’s MV-90, an automated data collection engine that helps us automatically interrogate thousands of interval meters every day. MV-90 retrieves information about energy use, meter registers, power quality, and status.
  • Meter Data Management: Trimark validates data that supports more than $1 Billion in electricity transactions each year. Our service team is a certified by multiple agencies to provide validation, editing and estimation services. We also submit meter data to renewal and energy credit programs including SGIP, CSI, and WREGIS.
  • Meter Data Views: Trimark lets you view and report data through a browser-based interface. We can also send automated reports in standard data formats required by oversight authorities and rebate programs.
  • Maintenance Services: Trimark’s preventative maintenance services help maintain an active warranty on system components and support ongoing system integrity.