Asset Management

video_screen_CA ISOOptimize financial performance through real-time data!

PV system asset managers need easy access to timely, reliable information to support long-term strategies.

Trimark’s asset management solution ensures continuity between asset strategy, performance metrics, operational data, and maintenance actions – for a single site or an entire portfolio. Our solution gathers data from reliable sources to provide you with the actionable information you require to optimize generation, support maintenance, and plan capital investments.

“Trimark’s asset management solution presents real-time information system owners need to assess performance and drive effective actions.”    – Bob Wood, Chief Technology Officer, Trimark

What Resource Owners Need

PV resource owners and operators need systems that align with long-term asset strategies to maintain their revenue streams, control expenses, and reconcile settlements. Trimark’s solution gathers real-time data directly from the PV system and presents it logically. That means you can easily assess performance, view long-term trends and forecasts, and identify the root cause of anomalies. It’s exactly what you need to implement a practical asset management strategy.

Because Trimark’s Asset Management solution leverages cloud technologies, it puts information right in the user’s hands, wherever they go. It’s not just data; it’s practical information tailored specifically to the needs of operations, maintenance, engineering, and finance.

Trimark’s Asset Management Solution supports:

  • Accurate, real-time information in context of asset management measures;
  • Analytical tools to compare performance with forecasts and support financial and operational guarantees;
  • Accurate, easily repeatable reports and the ability to drill down to identify performance anomalies;
  • Reliable consistent information without irregularities typical of disparate systems;
  • Associations between O&M activity and plant performance to support better financial impact analysis. For example, panel cleanings and inverter maintenance can be aligned with performance and financial impact rather than scheduled arbitrarily or run to failure;
  • Up-to-date information about equipment and operational changes; and
  • Warranty support including alerts about service intervals or performance thresholds as well as documentation to support service/maintenance obligations.

Systems, Software and Services

Trimark’s asset management solution for renewable resources includes the following components:

  • T1-S Vantage: See exactly what you need to monitor and manage performance for an individual resource or an entire portfolio. Asset Management capabilities include:
    • Long-term performance trends and reports to guide planned/predictive maintenance.
    • Alerts about performance concerns and trends.
    • Analytical tools with direct access to real-time and historical data drawn directly from revenue instruments and intelligent devices.
    • Documents basic maintenance activities.
    • Integration between performance monitoring and CMMS to trigger maintenance events and improve accuracy of performance assessments.
    • A unified view of operations, maintenance and financial data.
    • Mobile access to information to support maintenance and other users.
  • T1-S Gateway SCADA: This intelligent system provides industrial-strength automation, control, scheduling, secure bi-directional data telemetry, and device level capture of real time data.
  • Revenue Metering: Measure exact site performance where it matters most, at the point of common coupling. Certified revenue meters data supports accurate financial analysis and revenue projections.
  • Meteorological Stations: Measure key indicators that affect power delivery. Combine MET data with power generation values to forecast performance and validate engineering projections.