CAISO Interconnection Support

Control Project Completion from Day One!

To gain approval to connect to the grid and sell electric power in California, both new and QF resources must meet CAISO’s exacting requirements for revenue metering and real-time data telemetry and do it all within the schedule defined by the New Resource Integration (NRI) process.

Complete all of the steps in CAISO’s NRI process right and you’re on your way to operation. But if you miss a deadline during the 200-day process, you could postpone commercial operations, jeopardize your project, delay revenue, lose tax incentives – even harm your company’s reputation. While QF resources face an abbreviated NRI process, they must still complete a host of requirements.

Trimark will be your guide to successful completion of the NRI process including installation of metering, RIG and Meteorological equipment – all with one call. Whether you’re a brand new resource, a Qualifying Facility, or just need to replace a revenue meter, Trimark delivers fully functional, fully assembled, fully tested and certified systems. To ensure on-time interconnection, we’ll be there 100% of the way!

ISO Compliance

ISO Compliance


“In a year-end situation where you have to be online, things can be panicked. Trimark just jumps and says ‘you know guys, we can get this done.’”    – Randy Corey, Vice President, sPower

Trimark’s Proven Experience

From a one megawatt biogas facility to a 2.3 gigawatt nuclear plant, and from a brand new site to a QF facility, Trimark provides end-to-end ISO Interconnection Support. We deal with the CAISO process every day – hundreds of times every year. We’re familiar with every step and we’re on top of CAISO’s process changes as they occur.

Trimark is your partner through every deadline. We save you the hassle and stress of completing unfamiliar forms and learning the subtleties of point-to-point testing. We have helped hundreds of developers and resource owners move their projects from plan to commercial operation; on budget, on target and on time. We’re here to help you, too.

Systems, Software and Services:

Trimark backs our NRI consulting services with rock-solid systems for revenue metering, RIG, networks and meteorological instruments. We assemble, install, test and certify each device to ensure that you have a functional system through a single contact. Trimark’s expertise includes:

  • NRI Consulting Services: Trimark provides practical advice and delivers the documentation you need at every step of CAISO’s NRI process.
  • Revenue Metering: Trimark’s revenue metering services help you meet CAISO’s requirements for meters, testing and independent certification.
  • T1-S Gateway RIG: Trimark’s CAISO-validated Remote Intelligent Gateway (RIG) enables secure, bi-directional data telemetry and automated generation control. Trimark’s RIG includes everything you need: software, ECN connectivity, computer servers, configuration, testing, and security certificate.
  • Meteorological Stations: Trimark’s CAISO-compliant MET solutions meet CAISO requirements for accuracy, communication and reliability.
  • Server Cabinets and Network Drops: Trimark’s server racks and network drops deliver secure network connectivity in a durable package.
  • Maintenance Service: From commissioning through decades of compliance, we provided ongoing support required for regular RIG security certification and meter services.