Commercial and Industrial PV Monitoring

NEW! Trimark T1-S Axiom™

Trimark’s new T1-S Axiom is a cost-effective system that monitors the performance of small solar sites in commercial and industrial settings, such as rooftops on commercial buildings
or carports. T1-S Axiom measures and collects performance data that enables site owners to optimize power generation and efficiently manage solar equipment.

View Power Production Data and Equipment Status

Trimark’s T1-S Vantage™ is the performance monitoring platform used to access all of
the monitored devices and collected data from T1-S Axiom. T1-S Vantage software
resides in the cloud and provides monitoring and reporting through a simple,
easy-to-use browser interface.

T1-S Vantage presents graphical views of real-time power production data and equipment status, with six user interface screens.

T1-S Axiom is factory-configured and tested for quick and hassle-free installation
  • Portfolio
  • System Overview
  • Historical Trend
  • Alarm History
  • Reporting
  • Management

In addition, four standard reports are provided.

  • Activity Summary
  • Alarm Activity
  • Daily Energy
  • Hourly Energy
T1-S Vantage shows how a site is performing and provides trending information
Two Configuration Options

Trimark T1-S Axiom is available in two configurations.
  • Standard model T1-S Axiom
  • T1-S AxiomX, which provides extended temperature range operation.

Inverter control is available as an option with either model.

T1-S Axiom hardware is installed in a weatherproof cabinet. Optional hardware can be included to support additional measurements and secure communication requirements.

Optional Equipment

  • Meter – Precise power production values can be captured by adding an optional meter. A meter records power production values to assess operations and profitability.
  • MET Sensors – T1-S Axiom can monitor a wide range of MET sensors to enable informed decisions about energy efficiency, solar performance, and maintenance
  • Battery Backup

Optional Services

T1-S Axiom has the processing power to provide the following.
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Settlement
  • Billing
  • Forecasting
  • Validation, editing, and estimating (VEE)

For details and pricing, please call 916.357.5970 or email
T1-S Axiom enables secure data telemetry, capturing data from intelligent devices to track and measure solar energy production