Energy Storage

video_screen_CA ISOManage stored energy accurately, effectively, automatically!

Managers of electric energy storage must make informed operational decisions – like when to buy electricity from the grid and when to discharge. When paired with a generation resource, energy storage can support firming and shaping strategies, provided the system can automate real-time control decisions.

Trimark’s energy storage management solution delivers a complete suite of monitoring and management tools including decision support, operational control, and automated logic. The solution ensures compliance with CAISO’s revenue metering and data telemetry requirements; enables unified monitoring and control; supports AGC for external dispatch; and reports key performance indicators.

“Trimark’s end-to-end storage control solution provides the consulting and systems that resources need to participate in California’s energy market.” 

Options for Energy Storage

Trimark’s integrated solution can be tailored to a variety of utility-scale energy storage configurations:

  1. Energy storage paired with electric power generation – either intermittent (e.g. solar, wind) or conventional. Resources can shape power curves and smooth energy values during fluctuations in irradiance or wind;
  2. Standalone, grid-connected energy storage. Resources act as load when there is surplus energy and return that power to the grid as a resource when the grid needs power or Ancillary Services; and
  3. Distribution-connected energy storage. Energy storage can provide voltage support and help defer costly upgrades to the distribution system.

Effective Energy Storage Management

Trimark’s solution empowers accurate analytics, informed decisions, accurate settlements, effective operations, and proactive maintenance. Specifically, the solution will:

  • Support every step of the CAISO New Resource Interconnection (NRI) process required to participate in California’s electrical market.
  • Present reliable information and automate actions required to manage energy storage resources effectively.
  • Monitor real-time status and historical performance of multiple energy storage resources across a portfolio from a single, master vantage point.
  • Automatically divert generation to storage (e.g. when generation exceeds schedule or during curtailment).
  • Align automated actions with advanced power purchase agreement requirements including power factor and frequency regulation, resource adequacy, energy arbitrage, spin, ramp, black start, and intermittent resource integration.
  • Meet CAISO revenue metering requirements for accurate settlements of complex events including time of charge/discharge, energy acquired/sold, and interval data.
  • Meet CAISO data telemetry requirements to enabling regulation or ancillary service controls by an external balancing authority or utility.
  • Track lifecycle metrics for O&M and asset valuation (e.g. charge/discharge cycles, amperage, temperature, capacity (charge levels), etc.).

Systems, Software and Services

Trimark’s solution includes the following components:

  • NRI Consulting Services: Trimark provides practical advice at every step of CAISO’s NRI process.
  • Revenue Metering: Trimark provides services and turn-key systems required to deliver CAISO-certified revenue metering. This includes providing CAISO approved meters, configuration, installation, testing, and certification.
  • T1-S Gateway RIG: Energy storage resources that are controlled by CAISO (or other grid balancing authority) require secure data telemetry to send dispatch commands. Trimark’s turn-key CAISO-validated RIG delivers exactly what you need.
  • T1-S Vantage: Manage energy storage or storage paired with generation. See details, report facts, take action, and analyze performance. And do it all in real time, all in the palm of your hand.
  • T1-S Gateway SCADA: This intelligent system provides industrial-strength automation, control, scheduling, and secure bi-directional data telemetry. The system manages energy charge/discharge to accomplish storage strategies including:
    • Peak shaving / capacity shifting;
    • Back-up power / grid islanding;
    • Voltage support and frequency regulation; and
    • Ramping and energy arbitrage.
  • Server Cabinets and Network Drops: Trimark’s server racks and network drops deliver security and network connectivity in a durable package.