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Energy Management and Control Solutions

Trimark Associates, Inc., a small business with a GSA contract GS-21F-001HA, provides utility monitoring and control solutions to improve energy management operations. Headquartered in California, we work throughout North America, the Caribbean, and Hawaii. Our systems monitor solar (PV) resources, military bases, utilities and independent power generators. An innovator in renewable energy control systems, Trimark monitors 6.5 GW of power production at 170 utility-scale PV power plants.

Products and Services

  • Advanced Metering Instructure (AMI)
  • Advanced PV Plant Control and Performance Monitoring (SCADA)
  • Preventative (PM) and Corrective (CM) Maintenance and Services (M&S)
  • Complete SCADA Package (Servers, Meters, Telemetry, MET Station, HMI Dashboard)

Core Competencies

  • Complex electric metering systems design and implementation
  • Secure data network communication via wired or wireless media
  • System integration, configuration, and commissioning services
  • Data acquisition systems (DAS) and Software as a Service (SaaS)
  • SCADA systems for PV solar, battery storage, and microgrid control

03FAC Ɩ Facilities Maintenance and Management

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Kathryn Streletzky

Scott Barrington

SCADA’s desktop and remote data dashboard for site monitoring and control

871-204    Metering Services
871-205    Energy Program Support Services
871-211    Energy Consulting Services
871-100    Ancillary Supplies and/or Services

  • Axiom PV Monitoring
  • NEMA 4 Metering Cabinets
  • Complete SCADA Package

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Small Business
221114    Solar Electric Power Generation
541330    Engineering Services
541512    Computer Systems Design Services
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DUNS: 003023392


C-10 Electrical Contractor
UL 508A Listed Fabrication Shop
California ISO (CAISO) Authorized Inspector

Proven Experience with Government Service Contracts

Trimark has delivered energy monitoring, metering and operational control solutions since 2000. Our energy management programs support the U.S. Department of Defense, U.S. Navy, U.S. Marine Corps, municipal and public utilities, and independent power resources. Trimark delivers assembled systems including design, assembly, testing, installation, and commissioning. Systems include metering, data recorders, PV plant controls and secure communications.

Edwards Air Force Base

Subcontracted to design and install a monitoring and data reporting system for 4 MW of PV power generation. Using a mesh radio network, the system collects and transmits data to Southern California Edison (SCE) from 378 solar homes and an adjoining large-scale PV plant. $500,000 contract value. (2017)

Naval Base San Diego
Provides New Resource Implementation (NRI) services so that four cogeneration power plant on the base can meet CAISO’s requirements as a Qualifying Facility. This engagement subcontract includes engineering services for metering and system integration. $425,000 contract value. (2017)

U.S. Navy – Midlant Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI)
Designed, assembled, tested and installed 1,500 AMI meters at main base locations and 1,300 sub-meters on Navy piers. Delivered 1,300 network panels with radios, switches, and secure systems. Data Acquisition System (DAS) installation supported 2,800 electric meters, 400 steam meters, and 500 water, sewer, and gas meters in 14 states. $6.6 million contract value. (2015)

U.S. Navy – Naval District Washington Energy Management
Installed 1,043 advanced energy meters to track energy usage throughout Northern Virginia, Washington D.C., and Maryland. Work involved 14 separate bases including the Washington Navy Yard, National Naval Research Laboratory, National Naval Medical Center, Naval Observatory, US Naval Academy, and US Naval Academy in Annapolis. $3.2 million  project value.

Navy Region Hawaii – Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI)
Provided, installed and configured 477 advanced energy meters at Pearl Harbor, Island, Smith and Hickam AFBs. Project included configuration, testing, validation and commissioning of a data acquisition system which uses a secure communications network to collect data about energy consumption. $1.3 million contract value.

Bolling AFB – Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI)
Provided, installed and configured 165 advanced energy meters and 65 radios under subcontract at Bolling AFB. $372,000 contract value.

Quantico Marine Corps Base – Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI)
Provided, installed and configured 194 advanced energy meters, 184 water meters, 109 gas meters, 16 radios, and a secure DAS. $276,000 contract value.

Tinker AFB, OK and Warner Robbins AFB, GA– Automated Meter Reading System
Installed revenue grade meters with AMR devices (data recorder transceivers), wireless data acquisition server and the wiring and conduit between the AMR device and the meter. Water, gas and steam meters were integrated with a cellular-equipped pulse recorder. During commissioning, conducted point-to-point tests to ensure data exchange between the meter, AMR device, wireless data acquisition server and AMR data collection software.

Department of Energy and Sandia Labs
Federally-funded smart grid demonstration project. Provided engineering and systems integration services to deliver synchronized meter and power production data for the Public Service Company of New Mexico utility-scale energy storage project.

Metering services include architecture, panel assembly, installation, configuration, testing, and certification.