MicroGrid Control

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To support energy reliability, security, and independence, Trimark’s MicroGrid Control (MGC) solution unifies monitoring and management of generation resources, loads, and protective equipment.

Coordinating the disparate systems within a MicroGrid toward a specific energy management objectives is a challenge – particularly when transitioning the MicroGrid to islanded mode and while reconnecting it to the utility grid.

MicroGrid operators require status on resource and load, real-time electrical conditions throughout the MicroGrid, and precise frequency at the Point of Common Coupling (PCC) with the utility electrical grid. Whether for steady-state operation or managing mode transitions, operators need automation to coordinate all of the sub-second responses and actions associated with safely disconnecting, shedding load, starting up resources, and discharging storage – all while maintaining appropriate voltage, frequency, and power factor.

Trimark’s MicroGrid Control solution maintains equilibrium by continuously monitoring the state of the grid and coordinating commands across appropriate subsystems to accomplish your desired MicroGrid strategy – safely, automatically, and effectively.

Microgrid Control Diagram

Trimark’s MicroGrid Control solution provides the master-level control you need to attain your energy security objectives – safely, automatically, and effectively.

Business Value of Trimark’s MicroGrid Control Solution

  • Unify operational control strategies over all MicroGrid components;
  • Monitor and respond to grid events such as disruption of power supply, change in conditions, or a spike in energy prices;
  • Automate commands to:
    • Connect to/disconnect from utility grid;
    • Shed load based on criticality;
    • Increase power from dispatchable generation resources;
    • Charge/discharge energy
      storage resource;
    • Operate protective equipment.
  • Manage synchronization of the microgrid with the utility grid;
  • Monitor and coordinate all subordinate controllers; and
  • Supports IEEE 1547.4 standards for electric grid safety.

MicroGrid Control Paper

Trimark’s perspective on MicroGrid Control is articulated in the Solution Brief presented here.


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