PV Power Management

Command your PV production with pinpoint precision!

Trimark’s PV power management solution helps you meet end-to-end operational and financial objectives – at a lower cost than you may expect.

From precise control to forecasting, Trimark’s photovoltaic (PV) power management solution provides a complete SCADA system including measurement, automation, logic, and monitoring. It’s exactly what you need to maximize uptime, meet revenue commitments, optimize asset life, and fine tune performance.

PV Power Management

PV Power Management


“We call it our little piece of safety. We now have full visibility and controls that we’ve never had before.”    – Randy Corey, Vice President, sPower

Powerful Performance Management – in your hand and on your desk.

Trimark’s PV power management solution combines intelligent automation, real-time control and a highly intuitive user interface. The system lets you reach across your entire portfolio or down to any device at any site. You can command your system from a web browser or even a mobile app. Or, let the system automate routine actions, process external commands, and deliver exact power values at the point of interconnection.

Trimark’s PV power solution delivers a complete PV power management – from controllers to intelligent networks. You’ll have everything you need to make your system hum.

Systems, Software and Services

Trimark’s PV power management solution includes software, computing hardware, assembly, installation, and testing to ensure a fully-operational, high-performing system. The system includes:

  • T1-S Vantage: Manage a single inverter or a resource portfolio. See details, report facts, take action, and analyze performance. And do it all in real time, all in the palm of your hand.
  • T1-S Gateway SCADA: This intelligent system provides industrial-strength automation, control, scheduling, secure bi-directional data telemetry, and data historization.
  • Revenue Metering: Ensure equitable settlements and measure exact performance.
  • Meteorological Stations: Measure key environmental factors that affect performance.
  • Server Cabinets and Network Drops: Trimark’s server racks and network drops deliver security and connectivity in a durable package.

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