Telemetry & Networks

Control your operations with absolute accuracy

Put simply, telemetry systems collect and send operational data required to monitor and control electric power resources. Trimark provides professional services and the communication backbone to establish secure, reliable links between collection and use.

Data Telemetry is essential to the energy market for two reasons:

  1. CAISO Data Telemetry: In California, CAISO requires a highly secure network and devices to read settlement data and send control commands to critical infrastructure. This bi-directional system can only be used for official CAISO business.
  2. Remote Operational Monitoring and Control: Resource owners need real-time performance data and the ability to send commands to generation resources. This network must be separate from the ECN.



“Trimark delivers CAISO-validated RIGs, MET systems and site networks. Our systems support real-time access while protecting against physical and cyber intrusions.”     – Robert Wood, CTO, Trimark Associates, Inc.

Systems, Software and Services:

Trimark provides a complete suite of services and equipment including:

  • Remote Intelligent Gateway (RIG): Trimark’s T1-S Gateway collects data from generators, meters, and meteorological instruments. The RIG’s 2048-bit security encryption and SSL certificate lets it send data across CAISO’s private Energy Communications Network (ECN).
  • T1-S Data Gateway: This hardened industrial computer runs RIG software and communicates with field devices through a variety of protocols and IO.
  • Server Cabinet: Trimark’s “rack” includes everything you need to connect and protect computer servers used for SCADA, Historian, or RIG functionality.
  • Network Drops: These drops connect intelligent devices (e.g. inverters, MET stations) to your fiber ring.
  • TENetwork: Trimark’s Energy Network (TENetwork) provides a dedicated communication path for site monitoring, management and control.