Server Cabinet

The server cabinet is the hub for your site network; the heart of your control system; and a shield to support secure communications.

Trimark designs, assembles and tests turnkey server cabinets to deliver high-quality internal and external network connectivity; defend against physical and cyber intrusion; and protecting your mission-critical technology devices from harsh environmental conditions.

Trimark’s delivers turnkey cabinets. We procure all the components, assemble the system, configure network and firewall settings; then test the entire unit to ensure full functionality from day one.

Rack and Enclosure Options:

Trimark provides options for indoor and outdoor-rated racks and enclosures. These racks provide lockable security for conditioned or non-conditioned space.

  • Outdoor: NEMA 4 free-standing, insulated 37U cabinet with side panel, swing out rack and integrated 3000 BTU AC.
  • Indoor: NEMA 1 free-standing 37U cabinet with side panel and swing out rack; and
  • Other sizes and configurations available.

Network/Firewall Options:

Trimark’s server cabinet includes firewall and network devices that connect and protect mission-critical servers used for data telemetry (RIG), SCADA and historian functions. The firewall, network devices and switches connect servers with the site’s fiber ring LAN and external networks (e.g. T-1, ECN). As a critical element of electrical grid management, the server cabinet is key to meeting NERC CIP cyber security protocols. The Network devices included in the server cabinet include:

  • CISCO 1921 Network Appliance (including firewall);
  • CISCO 8 Port EHWIC Module;
  • CISCO 2911 T1 Router (including firewall):
  • CISCO Catalyst 2960 24 port switch;
  • KVM over IP module (Duo); and
  • Fiber Ring Switch.


Trimark’s server cabinet includes an uninterruptable power supply (UPS) and battery backup to provide auxiliary power (ride through) for servers and network devices during brief power outages. Trimark’s server rack assembly includes:

  • Rack Mount UPS — 1500VA, 1350W, 120VAC;
  • Rack Mount Battery (three standard) – 48VAC; and
  • MODBUS Monitor/Com Card.

Trimark connects power generation with authorized parties for monitoring, management and resource control.