Trimark’s T1-S Data Gateway (TDG) is an environmentally hardened, industrial computer that hosts T1-S Gateway, a CAISO-validated Remote Intelligent Gateway (RIG). Built from solid state components, The TDG provides connection to and communication with field instruments and network devices that monitor electric power generation facilities. The TDG is designed to:

  • Act as the server for Trimark’s T1-S Gateway or other software;
  • Support secure, bi-directional data telemetry between field devices and energy management systems. The TDG holds the SSL certificate issued by CAISO or other entity.
  • Eliminate need for separate devices for Data Telemetry and Data Logging;
  • Integrate seamlessly with T1-S Aggregated RIGs; and
  • Supports redundant auto failover.


T1-S Data Gateway

T1-S Data Gateway is an environmentally-hardened, industrial computer designed to host software used as a CAISO RIG.

Trimark connects power generation with authorized parties for monitoring, management and resource control.