A No-Brainer: The Perks of Trimark Service Agreements

While Trimark offers a wide array of robust products and intuitive software, our excellent service agreements truly set us apart from the rest of the crowd. Sure, RIGs and microgrid controllers offer state-of-the-art energy production management, but what’s the point of purchasing a plane, only to neglect to hire a pilot when you’re not flight trained?

That apt analogy is often repeated by Tom Short, Operations Center Manager for Trimark. Though we do whatever we can to assist all of our clients as soon as possible, Tom stresses that the level of service a customer can expect from Trimark is ultimately contingent on the agreement they have with us. Simply put, customers that have service agreements with Trimark are prioritized over those who don’t—they aren’t paying for the immediacy and availability that those agreements guarantee.

Shoulda, Coulda, Woulda

Unfortunately, this is something that many clients understand only after disaster strikes, finding themselves in need of swift repairs, maintenance, or hardware replacement with the immediacy that a service agreement would have ensured. Sadly, Tom frequently finds himself having to explain to customers in this situation that, although Trimark will do all we can to assist, they will have to wait until all support tickets from clients with active service agreements are addressed first. Moreover, when Trimark is eventually able to help, customers without service agreements may find themselves paying substantially more for services than what entering into an agreement would have cost to begin with—a painful realization.

This realization becomes clear to clients who elect to cancel their service agreement with Trimark, as well. Trimark service agreements are non-binding, allowing either party to opt out of the agreement at any time. However, clients who cancel their service agreement often regret doing so: according to Tom, customers who leave the agreement inevitably end up requiring the included services. Then, they find that paying out of pocket is substantially costlier than subscribing to an annual services fee.

Always on Hand

Beyond avoiding such potential nightmares, customers who elect to enter a service agreement with Trimark are met with convenient support options, including a ticket submission system from client sites (accessible through a secure internet portal) and responsive over-the-phone customer support hours that accommodate clients in different time zones. In the case of the latter, customers will never be greeted by a machine—human interaction, as Tom notes, is a major advantage Trimark offers, as well as a point of pride for our team.

In addition, the Trimark team is always on the lookout: we remotely monitor data for tens of thousands of devices for hundreds of customers. This enables us to provide regular security patches, scheduled maintenance, and notification “pings” to clients, warning them of possible issues with their equipment. This adds a layer of proactivity to Trimark’s support process that customers don’t need to worry about.

An Unmatched Pedigree

Aside from the inherently excellent value and stress-free nature of Trimark’s service agreements, Tom believes that a continued business relationship with Trimark is really in the customer’s best interest. For one, the Trimark team boasts an incredible range of technological talent, including Cisco-certified engineers, CAISO-certified meter techs, data scientists, security experts, plant operations, financial reporting, and more. Moreover, no one else in the industry knows Trimark’s tech—the only Trimark experts are the experts at Trimark. Given that anything with the name “Trimark” on it is covered under the terms of a service agreement, this fact makes a Trimark service agreement all the more desirable.

After all, what’s a plane without a pilot?


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