A Sneak Preview of the Solar Asset Management North America Conference in Oakland on April 7-8!

In just a few weeks, more than 90 industry experts will be on stage at Solar Asset Management North America to share their vision and insights into the U.S. solar market. Below are thoughts below from Tom Short, who will be presenting on day one.

Which key trend(s) has(have) been shaping the state of solar in the US in the recent years?

The trend towards larger, utility-scale projects has been a fixture of US solar in recent times, particularly utility-scale PV+storage. The saturation of these projects in certain markets has led to a new emphasis on energy storage, which has resulted in dramatically improved battery technology. Coinciding with the rise of PV+storage is the notable trend away from solar-thermal technology—perhaps a consequence of the former.

In your opinion, what is(are) the biggest challenge(s) facing the market?

Storing produced energy continues to be a significant challenge, as well as the innate intermittency of renewable power.

Which measure or activity would- in your opinion- be mission critical to optimizing the performance of solar assets in the US?

Large-scale energy storage with long-duration capabilities would be invaluable to fine-tuning US solar assets.

What is the most exciting solution/ service/finding you’ve come across lately in the North American solar scene?

The emergence of hybrid and “tri-brid” sites have been an exciting development here in recent times, as well as utilizing artificial intelligence and advanced SCADA systems to manage these projects. Additionally, managing the generation of stored power within regulations has proven to be both an interesting and formative experience.

How do you expect the market to develop in the next few years?

We anticipate that there will be increased concentration on renewables, as the industry doubles down on longstanding and emerging technologies alike. Moreover, energy production will see sizeable jumps in developing markets.

Why do you think the topic of your session is important?

Our session will provide a more holistic overview of O&M support services, and sheds light on how operators and developers can maximize revenue to profit from their projects. In short, we’ll show you how to make more money from your sites.

Which audience can benefit most from your session?

Asset owners and operators will certainly benefit the most from our session, particularly those with large-scale renewables to manage. We will show them why it is crucial that O&Ms support their sites’ “pain points,” thereby preventing headache after costly headache.

Which other session(s) or speaker(s) do you look forward to attending or hearing from the most, and why?

Deep Dive 3A on holistic plant health (“Formulating an all encompassing strategy”) catches our eye. Insights into comparative analysis are always worthwhile, as we’re always genuinely curious to see how others in the industry approach the same issues we see on a daily basis.

Why do you think conferences such as Solar Asset Management are important for the industry?

Conferences like SAM North America highlight trends within the industry. You always leave with a renewed perspective, and are able to credibly predict where all things solar are headed in both the immediate and not-too-distant future.

Authors:  Mark Morosky (CEO/President), Dean Schoeder (CMO), and Tom Short (Director Trimark Operations Center)

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