Ace the Point-to-Point Test — with CAISO Veteran, David Harmon

See a Six-minute Video with Expert Tips and Tricks

Folsom/ Chatsworth/ Sunnyvale Calif. – Trimark Associates Inc.’s (Trimark) David Harmon is offering insider tips and advice to acing the California Independent System Operator (CAISO) Point-to-Point test in a less than six-minute video. The test is a critical and final phase for generation resources seeking to sell power in California.

Harmon made history at CAISO by overseeing its first Remote Intelligence Gateway (RIG) project. He would subsequently implement more than 400 RIGs in his 15-year tenure. He recently joined Trimark as Senior SCADA Engineer. In this video, he lays out six tried-and-true success factors to passing the NRI test. The video walks any power seller through pre-testing, point-to-point testing, communications, the importance of expert guidance, timing and security. Trimark delivers this experti in its fully functional, fully assembled, fully tested and certified systems and consultation services.

“There’s a lot of testing that takes place almost daily at CAISO,” said Harmon. “When I worked there, it was always comforting to come in to work, see you had a test scheduled and learn it’s going to be a Trimark test. Then you knew your day was going to be a bit easier. I’m truly excited to now be a part of this company and share what I’ve learned to help resources connect to the grid the right way, just easier and faster.”

Watch Passing CAISO’s Point to Point Test: Expert Guidance to Ensure Success:

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