Affinity Automation, LLC Chooses Trimark to Deploy SCADA Solution for Largest Solar Facility East of the Rocky Mountains

Folsom/ Chatsworth/ Sunnyvale Calif. & Norfolk, VA – Trimark continues to extend its reach throughout the utility solar industry after being selected as the utility-scale SCADA partner for Hope Mills, an 80 MW PV generating facility located in Hope Mills, North Carolina.

The site is owned by Principal Solar, which buys owns and operates solar power projects, and Affinity Automation, LLC is the EPC. The chosen site location of N.C. is home to more than 120 solar farms with Hope Mills projected to be the largest site east of the Rockies.

Trimark will deliver its power generation control, monitoring and historian system, T1-S Gateway SCADA™. T1-S Gateway SCADA enables end-to-end management from the operations center to field devices. This will allow Affinity Automation to capture, store and forward data in real-time from inverters, meters and MET stations. Via Trimark’s T1-S Vantage™ management interface, Affinity Automation can see all of these details, analyze the information, report facts and take actions as necessary. Trimark will also provide a server and a communications equipment cabinet, which acts as the hub for the site network. This end-to-end solution ensures that the Hope Mills project will have a complete, integrated system, as well as full-featured controls.

Trimark’s expertise in delivering comprehensive PV power management solutions is visible in numerous, similar facilities across the United States including utility-scale solar sites Topaz (550 MW), Desert Sunlight (550 MW), and Solar Inverter Control’s for the 20MW Cascade.

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