All Hands on Deck: Celebrating Trimark’s 2019

This past Friday, the Trimark family gathered at Lake Natoma Inn here in Folsom for our annual All Hands Meeting to celebrate an incredible 2019, and to share our vision for 2020—our twentieth year of existence. A full day of feasting and fun, several of Trimark’s executives and managers spoke to an audience loaded with talented employees, covering everything from SCADA to service agreements.

For those who missed out, read on for a quick recap of the presentations. A special thanks to David Hughes and Nathan Prince for spoofing the speakers’ introductions—you’ll see below.

  • Mark Morosky, President: After his struggle for survival on an isolated tropical island was showcased, Mark gave thanks to the amazing people at Trimark before touching on several of the company’s new products, including the Flexible Logic Controller (FLC) for Battery Energy Storage (BESS), Microgrid Controller (MGC), and the Photovoltaic + Storage Controller (PV+BESS). Mark also emphasized Trimark’s ever-growing sphere of influence, particularly how we have expanded our services beyond California by developing strong relationships with EPCs, utilities, ISOs, and developers and providing a wide range of products and services. Above all, Mark reinforced Trimark’s core values: integrity, honesty, impartiality, and seeing projects through to completion.

  • Bob Wood, Chief Technical Officer/Chief Operating Officer: 007 himself lauded the successful completion of many SCADA projects, along with the addition of hundreds of new sites into Vantage. As Bob said, this is merely the beginning: Trimark will unceasingly evolve and improve our SCADA platform. Building on top of our SCADA successes, Bob proudly stated that Trimark will continue to firmly position ourselves as a leader in power management engineering services, solar and storage SCADA solutions, advanced controls, and performance management services.

  • Dean Schoeder, Chief Marketing Officer: Having walked alongside dinosaurs, signed the Declaration of Independence, and survived the sinking of the Titanic (the Jurassic Park theme was perfect), Dean has since turned his attention to leading Trimark’s Business Development team into the future, new projects, clients, markets, and all. Dean was excited to share a few of Trimark’s latest innovations, including Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) for power assurance, Microgrid Resiliency Systems to counter utility-imposed power shutoffs, and the Trimark Energy Storage Controller, a further adaptation of the FLC for both utilities (TESC-U) and commercial use (TESC-C). Best of all, Dean revealed that, as of 2019, roughly half of Trimark’s business is conducted outside of California—a major revelation that makes us all the more proud of how far we’ve come.

  • David Hughes, IT/Security (and “Everything Else”) Manager: Superman himself flew in with a stellar presentation that both celebrated the security team’s recent accomplishments, and outlined a number of exciting things to come. Among other things, David talked about expanding Trimark’s cloud services (Vantage servers, databases, etc.), which will drastically improve the accessibility of our servers and services, as well as add another layer of backup and redundancy. David also noted that Trimark is seen as the security standard within the industry—often, customers will seek Trimark’s technical opinions before moving ahead with any project, even if we’re not directly involved. Additionally, David spoke briefly about the Folsom HQ office renovations that he is overseeing, leaving those who have been temporarily relocated to other desks wondering whether or not he was joking about the new 8-week time frame.

  • Tom Short, Trimark Operations Center Manager: A cyborg with a catchy Ghostbusters entrance theme, Tom showed just how much the Trimark Operations Center (TOC) has blown up in the last year alone. Giving thanks to his TOC family as well as the rest of the folks at Trimark for making the TOC’s success possible, Tom also touched upon providing service to non-Trimark installed equipment and expanding the TOC into a 24/7 service. Committed to providing the best support there is, Tom reaffirmed our values of quality, ingenuity, value, functionality, and top-notch service.

Aside from these speakers, there were plenty of other festivities throughout the day. As a brief respite from the world of metering, we participated in a yoga session led by Heidi Townzen and Donald Weingartner, listened to an insightful customer service guest speaker over lunch, played a Trimark-based round of Jeopardy!-inspired trivia, and ended the day with drinks and poker! “All Hands” 2019 was a blast, all things considered.

Stay tuned for next year’s celebrations—Trimark’s turning 20!

All Hands 2019 Collage

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