Big changes at CAISO

Are you aware of all the changes that CAISO is making and how they can impact your projects? Take a look to ensure you are ready!

CAISO’s New Resource Implementation (NRI) process is being replaced with the new Resource Interconnection Management System Version 5 (RIMS5). All NRI bucket items will be suspended on April 26; new emails will commence from RIMS5 starting on April 30. Don’t let these changes cost you time and money!

CAISO is now recommending that resource owners select a Scheduling Coordinator Meter Entity (SCME) to submit Settlement Quality Meter Data (SQMD) for settlement services. As a Meter Data Management Agency (MDMA), Trimark can ensure that your SQMD data is submitted accurately and on-time.

We have seen an increase in CAISO’s Automated Dispatch System (ADS) being required. Trimark’s SCADA is fully-integrated with CAISO ADS to automate and execute CAISO’s dispatch commands. Whether you have Trimark’s T1-S SCADA or another vendor’s SCADA. Trimark will help you comply with CAISO’s directives.

Make sure you are prepared for these upcoming CAISO changes! Contact Robert Hinchman , Sales Account Manager, for more information: or call 916.350.2992.

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