By The Numbers: How Trimark Manages Meter Data

Metering is a core component of Trimark’s mission, and as such managing the data gathered by revenue meters at our clients’ sites is of the highest priority. With a data analytics team that has over 67 years of combined experience, it’s no wonder why so many within the industry choose Trimark for their metering needs.

Data Veterans

A qualified Meter Data Management Agent (MDMA) and Performance Data Provider (PDP), Trimark monitors data from thousands of meters of various brands, including ION and Elster. Depending on what’s needed, some are monitored hourly, whereas others are monitored once per day. Configuring this process to comply with the parameters of MV-90, a data acquisition system (DAS), Trimark’s data analysts are able to quickly address abnormalities flagged by the DAS in order to ensure that the monitored sites – as well as the meters themselves – remain in working order.

A Knack for Problem-Solving

Since Trimark’s data management team is constantly on the lookout for these red flags, our clients can expect to be contacted promptly if and when data anomalies are identified. On average, 10 to 20 of these are detected each day, and include meter resets, checksum errors, clock errors, power outages, pulse overflows, parity errors, alarms, phase errors, and configuration changes. If a meter stops communicating, Trimark carries out industry-accepted Validation, Estimation, and Editing (VEE) protocols to preserve the integrity of the data. That these issues are resolved posthaste is a testament to the tireless efforts of Trimark’s data analysts—or “number-looker-overs,” as some affectionately refer to themselves.

Cashing In

As “revenue metering” suggests, accurate data measurements are of paramount importance to our clients for another reason: money. While that goes without saying, Trimark’s clients may receive rebates or energy credits from many of the existing renewable energy incentive programs. To this end, Trimark acts as both a third-party Performance Data Provider (PDP) and a Qualified Reporting Entity (QRE), submitting our clients’ meter data to programs such as the Western Renewable Energy Generation Information System (WREGIS), California Solar Initiative (CSI), Self-Generation Incentive Program (SGIP), and more. We don’t take this responsibility lightly: we at Trimark understand and appreciate that our clients trust us to accurately report their meter data, especially given that there’s money on the line.

Start Spreading the News

While all of this data flows into Trimark’s Vantage Software as a Service (SaaS) and the DAS, they aren’t automatically submitted to the aforementioned outside entities, as submittal schedules vary depending on the authority or client. CAISO, for instance, receives daily data submissions, as does the City of Roseville (whose load meters are monitored by Trimark). Most submittals, however, are done once per month—generally during the first week or so. That Trimark’s hard-working data analysts always look like they need a vacation during this time span is likely no coincidence.

No Time for Rest

Tempting though that prospect may be, ensuring accurate, stable metering and data reporting necessitates constant vigilance. Moreover, it requires a great deal of patience, as data analysis is a heavily detail-oriented task that demands a simultaneous understanding of numerous processes. Fortunately, Trimark’s data management experts are second to none when it comes to handling metering data—truly, the number one “number-looker-overs.”

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