CAISO 2019 Resource Interconnection Fair – Do You Know The New NRI Changes?

Every year, CAISO holds an educational forum to help manufacturers, industry experts, developers, and academics understand the processes involved in connecting resources to the California ISO grid. The Resource Interconnection Fair provides an opportunity to learn about the various aspects of resource interconnection, from initiating a new interconnection request through commercial operation.

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Timeline Changes for CAISO’s New Resource Implementation (NRI) Process

One of the most substantial changes to be implemented later this year is a significant reduction in the number of days required to complete the NRI cycle. Today, the entire NRI process takes between 203 days (if you start counting after your project details form has been processed) or 211 days. Of course, the resource must also be approved in the Resource Implementation Management System (RIMS).

The new NRI timeline will reduce the time to 84 days; still with 6 buckets as shown below.


With the shorter process cycle, project schedules can be streamlined. This also means that activities with long lead time (such as ordering a T1 Line and ECN) have very little float, requiring stringent time management.

Prefilled Documents

CAISO’s NRI team members will rollout new ways to reduce common submittal mistakes with prefilled documents, such as the Metering Configuration Worksheet, the Control Protection Scheme, and the Meter Site Verification Form. Resource owners often submit these documents to the NRI and Energy Data Acquisition Specialist (EDAS) with small variances from their original project details form. These variances can cause delays spanning several days. Some of these differences are as simple as an extra space added to the end of a city name. This improvement, albeit simple in nature, will save both time and costs for the resource owner and contractors.

Trimark – Providing Guidance Through CAISO’s NRI Process

As always, Trimark continues to work directly with the NRI and EDAS teams at CAISO to understand the evolving practices and requirements. As a result, our clients can navigate the CAISO processes more easily and ensure they meet their commercial operation date (COD).



Dan Brockhaus
Senior Project Manager

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