CAISO: Remote Intelligence Gateway to Compliancy

Updating or replacing any device can be a hassle. However, unlike updating your smartphone to the latest version of iOS or Android, making sure a Remote Intelligence Gateway (RIG) remains CAISO-compliant has much more pressing implications—especially when neglecting to do so threatens the operations of an entire site.

In the Know

For those not intimately familiar with the situation, here’s a bit of background: CAISO is currently in the process of implementing a new Energy Management System (EMS), which will “ensure the reliability of the grid and the efficient functioning of [CAISO’s] markets.” However, CAISO has discovered that certain RIGs have issues connecting to this new EMS. Updating the communication protocol of these RIGs to Transport Layer Security (TLS) 1.2, which increases security over computer networks, does the trick.

Simple enough, right?

Farewell, XP

Not for older RIGs. Windows XP doesn’t support TLS 1.2, so for owners of XP-based RIGs, there are only two options: replace them with newer models, or be non-compliant.

This must be done posthaste: CAISO has stated that, in the very near future, all RIGs must support this security protocol. Any RIGs that fail to meet this requirement will not be able to communicate with CAISO.

A Proactive Approach

Unless RIG owners are alright with their sites earning zero revenue, they have to jump on this immediately.

Thus, it’s in the best interest of every RIG owner to immediately contact their Scheduling Coordinator (SC) and reach out to Trimark. Compliance with CAISO can’t be achieved until the soon-to-be obsolete RIG is replaced with a TLS 1.2-compliant model, which Trimark will glady do.

To assure your RIG’s compliance, please call Tom Short, Trimark Operations Center Manager, at 916.350.2911 or email

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