CAISO Renews Trimark’s Meter Inspector Agreement

Folsom, Calif. – The California Independent System Operator Corporation (CAISO) has renewed its authorization of Trimark Associates, Inc. as an Approved Meter Inspection Company. This authorization enables Trimark to provide revenue meter inspection and certification services to CAISO participating electric power resource owners in California.

Trimark employs seven of the 16 commercially-active CAISO meter inspectors. Trimark’s inspectors apply a combined 255 years of metering and electrical power generation experience to ensure the accuracy of revenue meters. These meters support wholesale energy settlements – a market valued at $8.4 billion in 2012. Trimark’s CAISO-certified meter inspectors bring a broad base of practical experience that puts revenue meter certification in context of meter scheme design, line loss calculations, CT/PT verification, and point-to-point testing.

“We are honored that CAISO trusts Trimark’s team with the responsibility of providing this valuable service to the market,” said Mark Morosky, Trimark’s President and CEO. “The work of our meter inspectors is a critical step in the process of bringing new resources online as well as ensuring that existing resources present accurate generation values for settlement purposes.”

“CAISO meter inspectors have a fiduciary responsibility to defend the interests of CAISO,” said Morosky. “They are bound by their agreement to conduct themselves with the highest ethical standards. Their objective is to provide the most accurate metering system possible in order to facilitate full compliance with the CAISO BPM and Tariffs.”

This authorization continues Trimark’s 14-year history of inspecting and certifying CAISO revenue meters for resources ranging from one megawatt solar generation to 2.3GW nuclear facilities, as well as meters used to monitor wind, hydroelectric, biogas, geothermal, and natural gas based generation.

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