Trimark Announces Implementation of Aggregating RTU

The innovation enables power generation sites to report real-time data to ISOs and utilities. Folsom, CA, November 24, 2020 – Trimark Associates, Inc. announces the deployment of an Aggregating Remote Terminal Unit (RTU) as a solution for remote, real-time telemetry with Independent System Operators (ISOs) and electric utilities. A milestone collaborative effort, the Aggregating RTU […]

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Trimark Joins the MESA Standards Alliance as a Strategic Partner

The move solidifies Trimark’s position as one of the industry’s premier energy storage experts. Folsom, CA, October 1, 2020 – Trimark Associates, Inc. announces that they have joined the MESA Standards Alliance, a move that was finalized this week after several weeks of coordination. An industry association consisting of electric utilities, technology suppliers, and researchers, […]

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Navigating the Market: CAISO SC ME COMPLIANCE

By following these 6 best practices, a Scheduling Coordinator can successfully maintain compliance with the CAISO Tariff for submitting settlement quality meter data. 1: KNOW YOUR LRA REQUIREMENTS Identify your Local Regulator Authority CPUC will be the LRA for the majority of load SC MEs Other LRAs could include City Councils, Municipal Utilities, and even […]

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Trimark Operations Center Announces Advanced Alerting System for Utility-Scale Solar Sites

Checks if equipment is online and operating correctly in real-time for quicker issue resolution, eliminating costly site visits Folsom, CA, February 20, 2020 – Trimark Associates, Inc., a leading provider of SCADA, metering, and energy storage technology solutions for the electric power industry, announces that the Trimark Operations Center’s (TOC) advanced alerting system now can continually […]

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Managing the Flow: How Trimark Services the Power and Water Resources Pooling Authority’s Meters

Formed in 2005 as a Joint Powers Authority to give California’s public water agencies an advantage when purchasing electricity, the Power and Water Resources Pooling Authority (PWRPA) manages the individual power assets and retail electrical loads that serve 15 agricultural and municipal water districts throughout much of California. PWRPA is invaluable to farmers throughout the […]

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By The Numbers: How Trimark Manages Meter Data

Metering is a core component of Trimark’s mission, and as such managing the data gathered by revenue meters at our clients’ sites is of the highest priority. With a data analytics team that has over 67 years of combined experience, it’s no wonder why so many within the industry choose Trimark for their metering needs. […]

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Trimark Awarded Service Agreement for Clearway Energy’s Utility-Scale PV Sites

Providing CAISO Remote Intelligent Gateway and Revenue Meter Monitoring and Maintenance Services Folsom, CA, June 26, 2019 – Trimark Associates, Inc., a leading provider of metering, SCADA and energy storage technology solutions for the electric power industry, announces it has been awarded a multi-year, multi-site monitoring and maintenance contract with Clearway Energy Group (“Clearway”). Clearway […]

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A No-Brainer: The Perks of Trimark Service Agreements

While Trimark offers a wide array of robust products and intuitive software, our excellent service agreements truly set us apart from the rest of the crowd. Sure, RIGs and microgrid controllers offer state-of-the-art energy production management, but what’s the point of purchasing a plane, only to neglect to hire a pilot when you’re not flight […]

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