DCF Adjustment Can Increase Revenue

Folsom, Calif. – Electric resource owners whose facilities are connected directly to PG&E’s 12KV and 21KV distribution lines may be eligible to apply a 1.25% Distribution Compensation Factor (DCF) credit to their revenue meter calculations.

This DCF credit would immediately increase a resource owner’s revenues by 1.25%. To determine eligibility, resource owners must first contact the PG&E EGI Group named in their Interconnection Agreement.

Upon PG&E’s approval of the DCF adjustment, Trimark can program the approved DCF value into the meter, recertify the meter, and complete and submit CAISO meter forms. Trimark can assess your metering to determine what is required to capitalize on the adjustment. This may include meter programming or a meter upgrade, depending on your existing meter installation.

Trimark has a 14-year history of inspecting and certifying CAISO revenue meters for resources ranging from one megawatt solar generation to 2.3GW nuclear facilities. Trimark provides meters used to monitor wind, hydroelectric, biogas, geothermal, and natural gas based generation.

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