El Dorado Irrigation District Selects Trimark’s T1-S Vantage System for 1 MW Solar Facility


Folsom/Chatsworth/Sunnyvale, CA & Norfolk, VA – Trimark Associates, Inc. (Trimark) has been selected by El Dorado Irrigation District to provide metering, power monitoring and remote visual display for its on-site 1 MW, photovoltaic generation facility in El Dorado Hills, CA. The solar facility supplements power for the El Dorado County wastewater treatment plant, also in El Dorado Hills, which treats recycled water used to irrigate nearly 4,000 front and back yards and commercial and public landscapes where feasible.

Trimark’s cloud-based monitoring and display system, which allows report generation, will help the district fulfill its reporting requirements to the Western Renewable Energy Generation Information System, and support the district’s overall operations. Unique to the project, Trimark must install a temporary 200 HP generator during the system installation to maintain the solar facility’s air blowers that are critical to the plants’ operation.

El Dorado Irrigation District awarded Trimark the project based on Trimark’s experience developing and deploying technology for monitoring and controlling utility-scale power generation plants. Trimark’s expertise is also visible in the largest PV sites across the world including utility-scale solar sites Topaz (550 MW), Desert Sunlight (550 MW), Solar Star (579 MW), Redwood Cluster (60 MW) and many others.

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