Trimark is a major player in the "greening of the grid" and supporting the national goal of greenhouse gas reduction. As an electrical contractor, we design, install, and service utility-scale SCADA monitoring and control systems that optimize PV plant performance and revenue. Since our founding in 2000, we've fostered a culture that rewards creative thinking, collaboration, and customer service. We're dedicated to developing innovative solutions that address both business and operational challenges.

Advanced SCADA – Extending the Function of the Solar Plant SCADA System

Introduction All monitoring and SCADA systems provide basic device information to allow detection of offline and malfunctioning equipment. This includes data from: Meters, Inverters, Weather Stations, Trackers, Strings, and Substation Equipment. At a basic level, these systems provide actionable information to determine if equipment at a solar power plant is performing as expected. The analysis […]

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Trimark Advances its Industry Leading SCADA system with Automated Dispatch System (ADS) and Automated Generator Control (AGC) Sensing and Switching

Responding to industry demand, Trimark has automated the process of alternating between CAISO ADS and AGC control methods. This enhancement sets the stage for efficient integration of Battery Energy Storage Systems throughout the CAISO control area. By automatically sensing the mode of operation, generation resources can maximize revenues and easily bid into the AGC market […]

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Scheduling Coordinator Metered Entity

Participating in the CAISO Market Resources that participate in the CAISO market, be they generation or load, establish their metering requirements as being either a CAISO Metered Entity (CAISO ME) or a Scheduling Coordinator Metered Entity (SCME). Until recently, the majority of the SCMEs have been resources representing load, both bundled and direct access customers. […]

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Equitable Cost Distribution for Losses on a Shared Transmission Line

Introduction The rapid development of renewable energy sources has created complications for the substations and transmission lines that deliver the energy to the end users. Grid owners and operators are working feverishly to enable the interconnections that are being requested. One concerns of those multiple interconnections is the proper accounting of losses on the shared […]

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Trimark Launches New Website Showcasing Solutions for Utility-Scale PV Power Producers

Trimark announces the launch of its newly designed and updated website. The website features intuitive navigation, enhanced functionality and enriched content. “Our new website content is focused on sharing our engineering expertise with our customers to help them optimize the performance of their utility-scale solar plants and storage facilities,” said Mark Morosky, president of Trimark […]

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Are You Ready for Solar Asset Management North America in March?

Will we see you in San Francisco? We’ll be there March 26 and 27 as proud gold sponsors of Solar Asset Management North America 2019! Register now (hint: use code TRIMARK-10 at checkout to get 10% off admission). If you’re unfamiliar with this must-attend event, SAM is a solar energy conference focused on the operational […]

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Community Giving Over the Holidays

This holiday giving season Trimark Associates hosted a food drive with the Twin Lakes Food Bank. With donations from our employees and fellow building tenants, we donated 240 pounds of food to benefit local families in need. The Twin Lakes Food Bank’s vision is to “be the hope in our community by providing the basic needs of […]

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Energy Storage Resources: A Year in Review

From both a regulatory and development perspective, 2018 was a significant year for the expansion of energy storage resources (ESRs). From a significant ruling of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC), to the presentation and implementation of aggressive state initiatives, rapid ESR deployment continues unabated while ESR technology costs continue to decline precipitously… See full […]

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Smart Tracking Technology Ushers in New Era of Increased Energy Harvest on Large-Scale Sites

Tracking systems are already innovative. They track the sun rather than keeping solar panels in a fixed position. Many single-axis trackers claim at least a 25% performance gain over fixed-tilt systems, and developers still think there is room for improvement. A number of brands are exploring ways to improve backtracking (adjusting panel orientation to limit […]

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How to Add Storage to an Existing Solar Array

Adding storage to an existing solar array is not always an easy, plug-and-play process. It could be if the solar array was installed storage-ready, but with the rapid advancements of solar-plus-storage in the last few years, it’s unlikely many legacy solar systems can easily adapt to battery connection. But that doesn’t mean it’s impossible; there […]

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