Trimark is a major player in the "greening of the grid" and supporting the national goal of greenhouse gas reduction. As an electrical contractor, we design, install, and service utility-scale SCADA monitoring and control systems that optimize PV plant performance and revenue. Since our founding in 2000, we've fostered a culture that rewards creative thinking, collaboration, and customer service. We're dedicated to developing innovative solutions that address both business and operational challenges.

Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) as a CAISO Non-Generator Resource (NGR): 7 Things You Should Know

CAISO Market Participation Alternatives for Batteries Most Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) connected to the California grid have participated in a behind the meter (BTM) configuration. This approach enables BESS owners to manage their retail energy costs, which include peak load shaving, load shifting, and demand charge management. Unfortunately, these are not wholesale market transactions.  […]

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Join Trimark this September at SPI!

Trimark is exhibiting and speaking at Solar Power International.  Mark your calendars to attend SPI from September 23 – 26 at the Salt Palace Convention Center in Salt Lake City, UT and visit our booth #3218. Come hear our presentation: Transforming Data Into Information and Knowledge, on Wednesday, September 25 from 11:00 AM to 11:30 […]

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Managing the Flow: How Trimark Services the Power and Water Resources Pooling Authority’s Meters

Formed in 2005 as a Joint Powers Authority to give California’s public water agencies an advantage when purchasing electricity, the Power and Water Resources Pooling Authority (PWRPA) manages the individual power assets and retail electrical loads that serve 15 agricultural and municipal water districts throughout much of California. PWRPA is invaluable to farmers throughout the […]

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By The Numbers: How Trimark Manages Meter Data

Metering is a core component of Trimark’s mission, and as such managing the data gathered by revenue meters at our clients’ sites is of the highest priority. With a data analytics team that has over 67 years of combined experience, it’s no wonder why so many within the industry choose Trimark for their metering needs. […]

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Trimark Awarded Service Agreement for Clearway Energy’s Utility-Scale PV Sites

Providing CAISO Remote Intelligent Gateway and Revenue Meter Monitoring and Maintenance Services Folsom, CA, June 26, 2019 – Trimark Associates, Inc., a leading provider of metering, SCADA and energy storage technology solutions for the electric power industry, announces it has been awarded a multi-year, multi-site monitoring and maintenance contract with Clearway Energy Group (“Clearway”). Clearway […]

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Meeting Reliability and Performance Standards with Trimark’s Power Plant Controller (PPC)

In today’s dynamic energy generation environment, power plant owners require sophisticated control solutions to meet a variety of operational compliance and interconnection standards. As a key player in energy management SCADA systems, Trimark developed the T1-S Power Plant Controller to provide custom engineered control solutions for energy generation resources. Part of Trimark’s industry-leading SCADA solution, […]

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A Model System: Utilizing Machine Learning for Data Analysis

Data analysis is crucial to the operation of solar power plants, as the resulting information provides unmatched insight into how a plant is performing. Advanced analytics takes this a step further: by formulating statistical matrices, implementing actionable performance alarms, and conducting artificial intelligent models, site operators are able to optimize production performance and consult historical […]

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CAISO: Remote Intelligence Gateway to Compliancy

Updating or replacing any device can be a hassle. However, unlike updating your smartphone to the latest version of iOS or Android, making sure a Remote Intelligence Gateway (RIG) remains CAISO-compliant has much more pressing implications—especially when neglecting to do so threatens the operations of an entire site. In the Know For those not intimately […]

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A No-Brainer: The Perks of Trimark Service Agreements

While Trimark offers a wide array of robust products and intuitive software, our excellent service agreements truly set us apart from the rest of the crowd. Sure, RIGs and microgrid controllers offer state-of-the-art energy production management, but what’s the point of purchasing a plane, only to neglect to hire a pilot when you’re not flight […]

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Integrating Energy Storage Into Existing Solar Projects

Energy storage is transforming the energy industry. With the development of new technologies and falling costs of equipment, energy storage is definitely changing the way power consumers, resource owners and utilities are producing and using power. With energy storage, rewarding benefits such as demand charge reduction, Time-of-Use arbitrage, Demand Response, and resiliency through Islanding can […]

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