Hope Mills: Trimark’s Expanded SCADA Scope Includes Advanced Voltage and Frequency Controls at 80 MW PV Resource


Folsom/ Chatsworth/ Sunnyvale Calif. & Norfolk, VA – Trimark has been awarded an expanded work scope to provide advanced plant controls for an 80 MW PV power generating facility in Hope Mills, North Carolina. The site is owned by Entropy Solar Integrators. Duke Energy is the planned off taker.

Trimark’s SCADA system and services will include advanced inverter controls including automatic voltage control and frequency ride through, as required by Duke Energy’s Interconnect Agreement. The contract will support integration of the SCADA system into the resource’s NERC CIP program. Trimark will also support installation of a new, fiber network at the site.

Trimark’s T1-S Gateway SCADA™ enables end-to-end management including monitoring, data historization, reporting, and advanced control logic and automation. This will allow Entropy and site operators to view real-time status from inverters, meters, substation and meteorological instruments.

Trimark’s expertise in delivering comprehensive PV power management solutions is visible in numerous, similar facilities across the United States including utility-scale solar sites Topaz (550 MW), Desert Sunlight (550 MW), and advanced inverter control’s for more than 80 resources.

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