Lucky ’21: Trimark’s New Year’s Resolutions

It’s no secret that 2020 wasn’t the greatest year: COVID-19 took the lives of countless people and forced quarantines around the globe, an unprecedented series of wildfires ravaged California and strained its power grid, and an increasingly polarized sociopolitical climate continued to dominate the headlines (nothing new there).

Still, there’s light on the horizon. The gradual rollout of a few vaccines sparks hope for an eventual end to the pandemic, though it looks like we won’t be rid of it until optimistically well into 2021.

But what’s New Year’s without an optimistic outlook? Each year brings new opportunities, and for many, the chance for a “fresh start.” Many of Trimark’s employees have made their own New Year’s resolutions, in the spirit of this outlook. Read on to get an idea of what some of us have slated for 2021.


Jennifer Rauschenbach: My New Year’s Resolution is to buy fresh flowers weekly when I do the shopping for the house, my daughter LOVES flowers. 🙂

Haley Morosky: My goal is to save money to buy my first house!

Angi Rowlette: My resolution is to land Trimark’s first Thermal client for WREGIS reporting, Roseburg Forest.

Stephen Dubuisson: It is a goal of mine to gain 20 pounds and read at least one book a month.

Mark Morosky: I’m going to resolve to stop multi-tasking and focus on one thing at a time.

Marlon Bowen: I’m going to try and cook at home more! I used to cook all the time, but lately I’ve been ordering out a lot. Not the greatest habit. (Also I need to actually decorate my workspace, need me some posters!)

James Grey: My new year’s resolution is to finish remodeling my back yard!

Dan Brockhaus: New Year’s Resolution:  Do one new habit before I got to bed (30 Minutes), and one new habit when I wake up (30 minutes).  This could just be writing, playing an instrument, learning a language… an array of things. The WHY: I’m just looking for that consistent success to start my day and end it with.

Qi Cai: Stay alive

Maya Spiteri: Take more time for self-care. Yoga, watercolor painting, continue learning Italian… Whatever helps me disconnect! 🙂

LaShea Moses: Make every day count!

Brenda Cauchon: I’m going to exercise more. (And actually stick to it.) I do an awful lot of sitting: at work, in the car, on the couch! Yikes! I’m creating a jogging track in my backyard; lots of shovel work at the moment, but that’s exercise too, right? The track is about ¼ the size of a standard track, but if I run around it 4-5 times then that should be good!

I also have my eye on a pair of sparkly, midnight blue roller skates that I plan to order online so I can get my skate on! I probably won’t be doing any back flips, but I may still have some cool skate dance moves in me!

Lastly, I want to go on more hiking excursions once the spring arrives.  Nature is so good for the soul!


Whether or not you have a resolution of your own, all of us at Trimark wish you a happy New Year. Because of you, 2020 had its bright spots. Don’t drink too much champagne!

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