Manage the Future with Advanced SCADA

An article written by Trimark’s COO/CTO, Bob Wood, was recently featured in Solar Power World, the leading news resource for everything concerning solar power.
Titled “Advanced SCADA functionality helps solar operators manage the future,” the article leads off with a powerful thought: “Technology exists to improve our lives.” To those in the energy industry who oversee generation plants, Advanced SCADA certainly embodies this.
The article emphasizes how convenient site management becomes through the use of Advanced SCADA. The comprehensive, real-time analysis that the technology offers means that plant owners and operators don’t need to always look for issues by themselves. When a site and/or its devices are performing below par, the SCADA system will warn those in charge.
The article details how advanced SCADA systems take integration, automation, and control a step further, as they incorporate the following functionalities:
  • Real-time analysis
  • Individual device statuses
  • Satellite weather/forecasting
  • Meter settlement
  • Billing systems
  • Document management

Read the full article here to learn more!

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Bob Wood
Chief Operating Officer and Chief Technology Officer


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