Mark’s Musings: Trimark Turns 20

Happy 20th Anniversary, Trimark!

Trimark turned 20 over the weekend! I don’t know what’s crazier: imagining the world in the year 2000, or remembering what it was like to be in my forties. Time sure flies…

Needless to say, things have changed considerably since 2000. That year marked the apex of the electric utility deregulation—a “Wild West” period for the energy industry, as it were. Renewables had yet to establish a foothold, as natural gas combustion still dominated most power plants. However, it was clear that this wouldn’t last: the industry was rapidly changing, both in terms of policy and technology. It was up to someone to set the standard.

Enter Trimark. The “new kids on the block,” our team – just a fraction of what it is today – pioneered smart grid technologies that complied with newly enacted energy laws and heavily contributed to a greener grid. From metering to our tried-and-true SCADA system, we’re proud of our contributions to a cleaner, more efficient energy industry—one which is always evolving and expanding.

When I first founded this company, our largest projects had capacities of maybe a few megawatts. To say we were a “small” operation would have been a profound understatement. Now, we have dozens of employees from coast to coast, and are routinely tackling enormous projects, well in excess of 100 MW. I never imagined just how successful we would be.

And that’s due in no small part to all of you, our friends and partners. Thank you for joining us on this wonderful ride these past two decades. Here’s to many more years of greening the grid.

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Mark Morosky
President / CEO, Trimark Associates
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