Meet the Industry’s Newest CAISO-Certified Meter Inspectors

Steve and Marvin Join Trimark’s Internal Team That Makes Up 43% of Total CAISO Inspectors

Folsom/ Chatsworth/ Sunnyvale Calif. & Norfolk, VA – Trimark is pleased to announce that two of its meter technicians, Marvin Jackson and Steve Semeatu, have passed the California Independent System Operator (CAISO) Meter Inspector Test. Marvin and Steve are now part of an elite group of just 28 CAISO-certified meter inspectors. Trimark employs more CAISO inspectors than any other firm with a total of 12.

Steve says, “I’m so happy I passed the test and can now be a part of a legendary team that serves a vital purpose within the industry. I couldn’t have done it without the mentoring and encouragement from our senior metering team. I’ve worked side-by-side with them on projects from small bio-gas to the largest solar sites currently under construction. I also completed months of classroom preparation. I know Trimark’s training is second-to-none.”

In the sector of utility-scale power projects, revenue meters are truly the cash registers of the electric industry. The meters are used to accurately track energy production and consumption, as well as other key power characteristics. CAISO-certified meter inspectors are responsible for certifying, testing and auditing these meters in accordance with the CAISO’s requirements.

Because of the significance of an inspector’s role, it requires nothing less than pinpoint precision. At Trimark, our meter inspectors ensure the integrity, accuracy and reliability of settlement quality meter data that is the foundation for California’s multi-billion dollar electric power generation market.

Marvin and Steve’s success is indicative of their commitment to exam preparation and their in-the-field work with Trimark’s senior meter inspectors. Trimark is committed to developing the next generation of inspectors by having them take on multiple metering responsibilities within diverse power projects across the CAISO region. Trimark not only boasts the two newest inspectors, but also inspector #001, as in the first meter technician to pass the test, and inspector #043, the first inspector to ever conduct a CAISO inspection in 1997 after the CAISO was formed.

Trimark Metering Manager Mario Marquez says, “We have attracted some of the best metering talent in the industry. After completing their training program, our inspectors understand all aspects of engineering support, installation, configuration, troubleshooting, testing and certification required for a successful CAISO metered project. This is due to the rigorous hands-on training that we provide them that is not otherwise found in the marketplace today.”

In addition to CAISO revenue metering, Trimark leads the industry in other metering services including: addressing complex system-loss environments to ensure accurate settlements; commercial-industrial metering; and meter data management and reporting to support rebate and incentive programs. Additionally, Trimark has earned a reputation as a trusted, independent expert for grid tie metering services.

Marvin and Steve’s appointment to the CAISO-certified meter inspector team demonstrates Trimark’s understanding of the value of metering and its essential role in electric power supply.


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