Meeting Reliability and Performance Standards with Trimark’s Power Plant Controller (PPC)

In today’s dynamic energy generation environment, power plant owners require sophisticated control solutions to meet a variety of operational compliance and interconnection standards. As a key player in energy management SCADA systems, Trimark developed the T1-S Power Plant Controller to provide custom engineered control solutions for energy generation resources. Part of Trimark’s industry-leading SCADA solution, the Power Plant Controller provides unprecedented controls, extending from basic level Photovoltaic (PV) Power and Voltage Regulation to complex microgrid operating modes. The features of Trimark’s Power Plant Controller are continually expanding to meet the evolving control needs of regulatory bodies, as well as those of control area operators and utilities.

Trimark Power Plant Controller

The Power Plant Controller (PPC) is the platform upon which our control solutions are custom engineered to fit individual resource needs. Trimark’s PCC functionality includes solutions for PV Power and Voltage Regulation, Grid Connected Storage, Substation Master Controls, Microgrid, and Flexible Logic solutions. These solutions work seamlessly to provide the advanced controls required to manage the most sophisticated utility-scale energy projects.

Trimark Power Plant Controller Solutions

PV Power and Voltage Regulation

PV power production site owners are required to meet a variety of requirements established by regulators, utilities, operational policies, power purchase agreements (PPAs), etc. To meet these requirements, plant operators must have a robust and easy-to-use set of controls that run automatically, enabling plant operators to monitor and respond in real-time.

Trimark’s PV Power and Voltage Regulation solution gathers data from field devices and automates controls to deliver precise power output (Watts, Voltage, VARs, and Power Factor) at the point of common coupling. This ensures reliability and maximizes PV power revenue for resource owners while maintaining project compliance. Real-time monitoring and control of static devices (such as capacitor banks, line reactors, and relays) facilitate optimal plant performance. Coordinated controls regulate inverters, trackers, MET stations, capacitor banks, reactors, breakers, and relays. Finally, optional energy storage controls help owners and operators optimize PV production.

Grid Connected Storage

Grid Connected Battery Energy Storage Systems require optimization management to maximize PV power storage, extend battery life, and increase profitability. The PPC’s Grid Connected Storage solution monitors utility power rates in real-time to automate smart charge activity when the cost of purchased power is at its lowest. This maximizes the profitability of the battery energy storage system (BESS) by ensuring discharge when prices are higher. These automated controls continuously monitor storage state of charge to ensure that storage system remains within the operator and manufacturer defined recommendations to maximize the life of the battery. The Grid Connected Storage solution also ensures the use of stored energy when load demand approaches the trigger level for increased demand charges.

Master Control

While many contractual energy requirements are site specific, owners may also need to meet substation or portfolio requirements. Managing sites separately and independently would make meeting these goals challenging and likely lead to compliance violations. The PPC’s Master Control solution provides owners the ability to set controls to ensure energy requirements are continually met across a collection of sites with common connections. The Master Control solution works in conjunction with the individual plant SCADA systems to provide coordinated control of individual grid-connected plants. This ensures the proper power and voltage characteristics at the common point of interconnection by centralizing control dispatch algorithms to individual site PPCs.


System owners with distributed energy resources, including battery storage and demand management, need a more complex control solution to effectively maximize resiliency and minimize grid usage. The PPC’s Microgrid solution hosts a variety of automated controls that optimize energy storage charge and discharge to follow defined operation modes.

The PPC Microgrid solution includes:

  • Power management with capabilities to integrate Distributed Energy Resources, protective relays, Backup Generators, Utilities etc.
  • Demand side management of Distributed Energy resources (DERs) with peak-shaving, load-shifting, and grid export capabilities
  • Capability to work as an auxiliary to the grid (Grid following mode) as well as operate the DERs as an islanded system (Grid Forming mode)
  • When connected to the grid, Time of Use (TOU) Demand Management can optimize power export and import for cost effective operation
  • Continuous supply of power to essential loads during Islanded operation
  • Capability to interface with intelligent devices to detect grid connect/disconnect for automated Islanding sequence/grid-resync process

Flexible Logic

The PPC’s Flexible Logic solution delivers complex algorithms that can be adjusted in real-time and through scheduled events to enable participation in energy markets. The Flexible Logic solution provides controls for managing and operating within a wide area control solution for integrated power management systems, such as SCE’s Energy Storage Integration Program (ESIP). Operators can dynamically switch between modes as operational needs shift. Modes include voltage limiting, grid reliability, current limiting, grid reliability, PV dependability, power limiting, and market grid reliability.

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Trimark’s Power Plant Controller can be designed and configured to manage the control requirements of all types of energy systems. Trimark is continually expanding its capabilities in response to market needs. Call Trimark today to learn how the Trimark Power Plant Controller can fulfill your energy control needs.


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