Opinion: Save America’s Solar Jobs – Sign the Petition!

Solar Power Groups Oppose the ITC Petition for Tariffs.

There is an impending threat to the solar industry and the more than 260,000 American workers employed by the solar industry. The International Trade Commission (ITC) is considering a petition filed by Suniva, proposing tariffs on all solar panels imported into the U.S. Suniva blames a flood of cheap panels from abroad for its April bankruptcy filing. Suniva also wants the ITC to set a floor price on solar panels, which could double the price of solar panels.

Oppose Section 201 Petition

Suniva’s suggested tariffs on imported panels could cause severe harm to the U.S. solar market and devastate the future of solar in America, per a report from GTM Research. According to the report, U.S. Solar Outlook Under Section 201, Suniva’s petition would eliminate two-thirds of all solar installations expected to come online over the next five years. To translate, this equates to lost electric capacity that could power almost 9 million U.S. homes and reduce carbon emissions by more than 50 million metric tons annually.

Analysts think that the tariff, if imposed, would cause many players in the solar power industry to have to pay higher prices. These costs would be then passed on to customers, which would slow solar power installations. The petition’s success would mean that more than 88,000 Americans would lose their jobs, impacting hundreds of thousands more, according to the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA).

Join the Solar Supporter List and Save Jobs!

In 2016, solar energy was the number one source of new electricity in America. There are 9,000 U.S. companies engaged in the solar industry. The SEIA represents 1,000 member companies across the entire solar supply chain, promoting and protecting the interests of solar companies and workers they employ. SEIA opposes any resolution that restricts fairly traded imports of solar equipment through new tariffs or other barriers that endanger the livelihoods of the American solar workers and their families.

You can help protect American solar jobs by joining the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) coalition to Save America’s Solar Jobs. Click here to add your name to fight this ill-advised petition. Together we can #SaveSolarJobs.

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